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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ghosts in the Attic: Zero Hot Dogs

Growing up, my father worked all day and night in his pizzeria. Me and my siblings would starve and die sometimes have to come up with some creative dinners when he wasn't there to cook for us.
But occasionally, he would have the day off and we would either have Burger King (whoppers for everyone!), or he would cook on the grill. Here's a journal entry in which I chronicle one such cookout.

Entry dated May 28, 1996

On the weekend
I wen't outsidide
and helped my
father with the
grill. He made
and hotdogs.
I aet both of
them they were good

Note that "helping my father with the grill" meant that I carried a few slices of cheese from the refrigerator to the grill. Although I am now a master chef, I didn't even know how to make mac 'n' cheese until last year.

AND HOT DOGS? I do not eat hot dogs. I can't believe that I ate a hot dog AND said it was good..... What was I thinking?

and some saled
I aet two and
1/2 cheeseburgers
and 0 hotdogs
On Sunday I
played a lot
and read James
and the giant

Oh wait, I ate zero hotdogs...

I'm not sure why I lied on page 1, if I was just going to tell the truth on page 2. Mrs. Gural was probably so disappointed in me.

This makes me think about how our tastes change over time. While I still eat 0 hot dogs, I do like some stuff that I hated as a child, and conversely, I don't eat some stuff that I did like as a child (like eggs!). Which leads me to question time!

What food did you used to hate that you now love? or
What food did you used to love that you now hate?


David said...

Your "childhood journal" is from 1996? God I feel old.

Nathan V said...

My stomach has very little scruples and has never changed it's mind too much on food preferences. It mostly doesn't like sugar as much as it used to.

Milo said...

Liking the fragments of the past and also the new blog layout.

Tam said...

I'm sure when you said "they were good" you were summarizing the feelings of ALL of the diners in general, not just yourself.

I will eat broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus now which I never touched as a kid.

Can't think of what I don't like anymore. As a kid I used to put ketchup on EVERYTHING. I remember my friend and I eating homemade bread dipped in ketchup for an after school snack. Eeek. I still like ketchup but in appropriate contexts like on hot dogs and burgers.

Ray Avito said...

I didn't like broccoli or mayonnaise, but I like both of those now. Cabbage: still unpalatable.

Whenever I'm having a hotdog, I'm generally asking myself why I'm having it. They have a very odd taste.

Mel said...

David: I was 27 and had a doctoral degree by then. Eventually the sting of age lessens.

When I was really, really little I hated grapes. When I was about one, my dad cut up a grape in my hot cereal. After I finished eating it he told me, "It had a grape in it." I promptly threw up on him. When I got a little older, I hated summer squash of all sorts. Now I love all of the above.

As a kid, I went through periods where I loved Dr. Pepper, root beer, and Mountain Dew. Cannot stand any of them now. I also loved pork rinds, chicken gizzards, and rare steak. Just the thought of eating dead animal now grosses me out.

Anonymous said...

I could not stand eating steak but now i like it. There was never a time that i liked something and now hate it

Anonymous said...

I love these posts of yours, Enrico :)

Foods/drink I used to hate that I now love:

* Spinach
* Mushrooms
* Bruseels Sprouts
* Fish (still hate shellfish)
* Beer

and lots more

Food/drink I used to love that I now hate:

* anything from MacDonalds (*urp*) or pretty much any fast-food joint (I used to eat a lot of Popeyes chicken -- double *urp*)
* white wine (I used to hate red; now I've flipped)
* coffee

Mostly I've just added to my likes, not taken them away :)

Delisa said...

I'm trying my best to avoid those documentaries (like Food Inc.) that tell you what's in your processed meat and how bad it is. There are just certain things I don't want ruined for me, like hot dogs, chicken nuggets and spam lol.

I was never big on vegetables really. I now love strings beans and broccoli and I like bell peppers and mushrooms. Still hate carrots, celery and lima beans though.

I used to like hamburgers but an incident with some cancerous lighter fluid kind of ruined that for me :(

john said...

I didn't like peas when I was young, but like them now.

I used to like Diet Coke, but I don't drink it anymore. I had one the other day and it was pretty gross.

David said...

I loved liverwurst as a kid, now it kind of grosses me out.

I used to hate spinach but I like it now.

Paul said...

You know, there are only two foods I can think of:

Swiss Cheese: I hated this stuff as a kid, now it's the only kind of cheese I truely like.

Mushrooms: I loved mushrooms on many thinkgs when I was a kid, now I can't stand them, even the smell makes me gag.

So I have never in my life been able to enjoy a mushroom swiss bruger :-(

hoteltuesday said...

David: You're not old. I'm just young.

Nathan: I still love sugar, but my teeth don't! So I've been eating a lot less candy.

Milo: Thanks!

Tam: Christie loves ketchup on everything! I do like a generous serving on ketchup on my burgers... And I hate eating fries without ketchup!

Ray: I LOVE broccoli and mayo! I get extra mayo on my subs and often use broccoli in my pasta (or peas).

Mel: Your father deserved being thrown up on for tricking you! And I used to drink a lot of soda as a child and now I drink it on rare occasions.

Gabi: That's because daddy said the fat was good... lulz...

Justin: I NEVER eat fish or drink beer!!

Delisa: Cancer burgz are deliciosos. And I try not to pay too much attention to that stuff too, but I did stop eating stuff packed with preservatives like TV dinners and stuff.

John: I LOVE PEAS!!! Perhaps my fave vegetable. I'm glad I like almost all vegetables. The ones I don't like are the ones I haven't tried yet. Diet Coke is always gross.

David: I haven't had either! Liverwurst just SOUNDS terrible and I never used to eat spinach cause I didn't want to be strong in case I gained too much weight. Now that I want to gain weight, maybe I should try it!

Paul: I STILL HATE SWISS. And I like most cheeses. Also, I HATE MUSHROOMS. A mushroom swiss burger sounds disgusting, so I don't think you're missing out.

Michelle M. said...

Sorry I'm late. I didn't like butter as a kid, but (unfortunately) I love it now.

I love these journal posts. So cute.

hoteltuesday said...

NOT LIKE BUTTER??? It's just like Christmas Magic! It makes the world come together. Things get better. Magic.

Chris D. said...

I still have fond memories of when we cooked together. :)

When I was young I didn't tend to be a big fan of steak (it always seemed bland the way my parents cooked it). Now steak is one of my favorite meals. I love it well seasoned with "steak butter" or a pepper sauce. I also used to require my steak to be cooked well-done, now I like them best medium.

My mother used to have to put cheese on broccoli before I would eat it. Now I like it both with and without cheese.

I didn't like coleslaw when I was young. Now I am OK with it, and actually enjoy it on my pulled pork sandwiches.

I used to dislike tomatoes (I thought they were gross and slimy) though I loved tomato sauce and ketchup. I am now OK with tomatoes, but wouldn't say I love them.

I don't like fish, mushrooms, ox tail, fiddle heads, Brussels sprouts, liver, rabbit, venison, duck, snail, insects, and most squash. I don't think I ever liked any of those things.

Jere Keys said...

Oh look, a journal entry written exactly one year after I graduated high school.

With that, I have hated hot dogs much, much longer than you have been alive.

hoteltuesday said...

Chris: Tomatoes can still be a problem for me. I love them when they're good, but they're never good at the restaurants I go to (Subway, McDonalds), so I usually just get my stuff without them. The ones I roommate grew in our garden were good though!

Jere: Congrats on being a D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R.!!!

adam said...

I was sixten when you wrote this ... but was probz wrieting at the sam levelel as you. Damn NJ public schools.

1. vegetables
2. meat