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Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 of 12 - August 2010

Y'all ready to hear about the most boring day of all time?

I went into work at 8am. Here's my cube!

Do you love my Miley Cyrus picture???

For breakfast I had some Honey Nut Cheerios.

I'm totally stealing that cup whenever I leave the job. It's a pretty large mug that's perfect for small bowls of cereal. I also love the outside, which feats. the signatures of the greatest literary figures ever, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jonathan Swift, Catie Rosemurgy, and Melville.

Today, I had to make a very brief PowerPoint (5-6 slides) for the Texas state adoption. We are bidding our book Patterns for College Writing there.

It's actually hard to make such a short PP! I had to talk about why they should buy the book in basically 3-4 slides (first slide is just the title of the book and our company, and the last slide asks for audience questions). It's a good exercise in editing and being succinct.

For lunch I had Taco Bell and Skittles.

After a long day of work, I came home and got on the computer for hours.

How cute are my toys??

Then I read some more of my GRE study book.

How cute is my carpet??

I watched Project Runway at 9 and was VERY impressed with the runway show! Skip was clearly not as impressed.

After that, Katie started watching Jersey Shore so I bounced.

And got a shower.

I LOVE MY PAJAMAS (feat. Katrina's sweatshirt that I should probably give back to her eventually...)

How cute is my room?

I was almost ready for bed. I just had to brush my teeth.

How cute is my toothbrush holder?

I only had 11 pictures, so here's one with the 'negative' setting on my phone's camera.

Boring, huh?

I think my brand new phone takes decent pictures (in good lighting). YAY.


Craig said...

You had me at taco bell and skittles. Best day ever!

Tam said...

Miley? Who cares. "Honey Nut Enrico"? That I loved.

You do have the most adorable room, carpet and toothbrush holder ever. I'll give you that.

Delisa said...

When does Megan get home so she can kick you out of her house since you're stealing her family? lol

ugh! That GRE book... At least at school you'll be my drill teacher about it because I have no discipline at home.

john said...

I'm with Tam, LOVE the Honey Nut and Frosted Enricos!

Your room is a little too sweet for me. And why are you wearing a sweatshirt to bed? It's summer.

Polt said...

I'm just wonderin' where I can get me some of that Honey Nut Enrico!

Skip! Who's Skip! He's adorable. Have we met him on here before, and if so, why do I not remember him!

Even if it was a boring day, punkin, it was clearly a cute one. :)


hoteltuesday said...

Craig: I take Taco Bell almost every day! I get two chicken burritos for $2. Can't beat that!

Tam: Thanks! conveniently, Cheerios contains all the letters I need to cut up the box and form "Enrico" (the h becomes the n). I need more types of Cheerios now! Multi-grain Enrico? Apple Cinnamon Enrico??

Delisa: I made my index cards yesterday! Aren't you excited to study with me?

John: Megan's room (where I'm staying) is SO COLD at night. My legs are usually freezing.

Polt: Skip was in my last 12 of 12 too!! I've been staying at my friend Megan's house a lot this summer, and I was there on June 12th too I guess!

Tam said...

Ohhh. Chocolate Enrico. I bought those in Virginia for Kristen. I don't like Cheerios myself but she said they were good.

There are banana nut Cheerios now too I think.

Chris D. said...

I like your desk, it looks so organized. I need to tidy my office a bit, so I can photograph it for a blog post.

Recently I started eating cereal again. I had not had any for years. Honey Nut Cheerios was the last flavor I had. Now I have Frosted Flakes.

Good luck with the book pitch and the GRE. Hopefully you will do GREat! ;)

Seeing the fireplace and the smell of distant smoke in the air make me want to have a fire.

OMG! We can totally see your ding-a-ling reflected in the toilet! Impressive.

What kind of phone did you get? How do you like it?

hoteltuesday said...

Tam: I LOVE banana nut stuff (muffins, bread, etc.) but was disappointed with the Cheerios. Still, I want that box too!

Chris: -I love my desk! I continually add interesting stuff to it. I want the best cube in the office.
-I love Frosted Flakes too!
-The test doesn't look THAT hard, but I definitely need to study a lot. I don't remember ANY of the math stuff from high school.
-I have a fireplace in my new apt (pics coming soon) but obviously, we haven't used it yet. I hope we do this winter.
-I got the MyTouch Slide. I love it... except for the fact that it deletes your contacts every time the phone powers off. They're making a patch for that I think.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Aaaaah! That baby doll is soooo scary! After seeing "Toy Story 3," I don't think I will ever be able to look @ one the same!

Michelle M. said...

That toothbrush holder is pretty cute. And I also loved the honey nut Enrico. I think apple cinnamon Enrico would be my favorite though. I'm reading Janet Evanovich's new book right now.

I think I'll be having Taco Bell for dinner tonight.

Nathan V said...

I've never once made index cards. True Story.

Was that an actual toothbrush holder or just a repurposed old toy?

Milo said...

Umm those toys are freaky. When I first saw it I thought it was real!

Ray Avito said...

Good Heavens, that baby doll...I'm sure it has to be possessed by some evil spirit. The Holy Angels sweatshirt is good protection from its evil embrace.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm with Milo on the toys -- that baby in particular is teh creepy. I love everything else about this post though. Adorable :)