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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Digs

I moved! Well, I moved at the very end of May, so it's been a while. I've been meaning to blog about my new place, but I haven't been here very much. I live about an hour away from my job so I've been staying at my friend Megan's house (as you see in the 12 of 12) since she lives 10 minutes away from my job. I'm home this weekend, so I took pics of the digs.

I now live in the beautiful town of Lambertville. I live only blocks away from New Hope, PA, so I'm as far west in New Jersey as you can get. The town is only 1.3 square miles, so it's very similar in size to Ocean Grove (where I grew up).

Here's my apartment from the outside.

There's a little area in the back where you can sit and read, watch the squirrels play in the yard, or eat burgers feat. cancer and birth defects!

Then through the gate, you reach the backyard/garden.

So once you open the front door, you're facing the living room.

To the left of the living room is el cuarto de Ross y Christie.

And to the right of the living room is the kitchen.

That door in the kitchen leads to the bathroom.

You may have noticed the stairs to the left of the kitchen sink (feat. Britney Spears poster). They lead to my bedroom, the loft.

While the loft is kind of small, I still love it! I'm a small person and since I'm not afraid of being in the rest of the house (...) I can stretch out in the living room. I'm also thrilled to have all that space for books! I used to have books in boxes and desk drawers and under my bed. Now they all fit neatly on my bookshelves.



goblinbox said...

I think it's fuckin' ADORBS and love it very, very muchz0rz.

john said...

You moved again? The new place is great. Why is Ross shaving outside? And did you startle Solomon while he was showering? Love the brick walls.

Tam said...

I noticed that cat sneaking out of the shower too. I love your loft. I like high cozy places like that. And great that all your books fit.

Your big yellow armoire in the living is very cool. too.

Polt said...

Oh Punkin, I LOVE it! Looks wonderful. It's a good thing you're in the loft, cause being drunk and trying to negoitate the stairs would be a challange, and having sex in the loft where everyone in the kitchen can hear would be a challange as well. But since you don't drink and don't have sex, it all works out!

Do you frequently have a shirtless Ross standing outside the window, though? And where can I get one of them? :)

Again, love it, man, great little place!


Polt said...

OH, and on a second look, I wanna say how much I LOVE the bare brick wall in the kitchen. And is that a purple towel I see hanging in the bathroom?????? :)


ADAM! said...

I love your place! The colors are great & I love all the bookcases. So much more personality than my boring place ... except for my awful kitchen wallpaper. And Lambertville is awesome (and totally expensive!).

Chris D, said...

Thanks for showing us around your new home. I love the woodsy feel of the yard, and the ivy on the house has a cozy country charm to it. The eclectic furniture further augments the character of your new domicile.

That loft does look rather snug. Does it get hot up there? Do you have AC or just cool country breezes? I suppose that if anyone makes noise in the kitchen when you are sleeping you can just throw the beach ball at them. [suppressing the powerful urge to use an emoticon, because you HATE THEM!]

I'm not sure if I would be comfortable sleeping in an open loft, if I had roommates. It is a good thing you are close with Ross and Christie.

I hope you take lots of pictures around Lambertville and New Hope. I love the area, and would love to see photos from different seasons.

Michelle M. said...

I love your loft bedroom. I bet it's like being in a treehouse. And I love your bookshelves. But the empty hamster cage breaks my heart.

I'm glad john said that Ross was shaving. I thought he was kissing a Shamu toy.

Are you going to see Burlesque??

Nathan V said...

Very nice. Makes me think that maybe I should finish unpacking at the place I moved into four months ago.

Delisa said...

You got a couch! I guess I have to make my August visit to your house since things have changed up a little and Ross & Christie are back. Were they about to do it in that photo?

I like the new place better than the Parkway place. I guess the change of venue and less roommates make a big difference.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I love how Xtina watches me as I take bionic dumpz in your toilet!

And yay for mah card!

Mel said...

I love it! So are you practically next door to Adam now?

Craig said...

Looks great! I love being able to keep books on book shelves where they belong!

hoteltuesday said...

goblinbox: Hurray! Thanks! Next time, we can have the blogosphere meet-up at my apartment and you can come!

John: Ross is shaving outside because it allows for easier clean-up? Solomon loves water! BAD CAT. And I like the brick too. One of the walls in my loft is brick.

Tam: ME TOO! I love that I have to climb a ladder to get to my room. I've always like high, kind of hidden places. Just like Bjork!

Polt: Good thing I'm pure as the driven snow! And you can probz get yourself a shirtless young man to shave outside your window through Craigslist! People do anything for money.

Adam: EXPENSIVE?? You think I'd live anywhere that was expensive??

Chris: Ross and Christie actually don't have a door to their room either (I know, strange) so it is lucky that we're really close. Remember that I shared a ROOM with the two of them for a year, so this is no problem. As for the heat, I've been staying with my friend all summer so the heat isn't really a problem. (And when I am home, I usually sleep with R&C.)

Michelle: I always wanted a treehouse as a child... and never had one. AND YES OF COURSE! Opening night!

Nathan: I haven't finished unpacking yet... Don't feel bad.

Delisa: Yup, and it's small so it doesn't make the living room look to crowded. I don't know what they were about to do. And I take it you'll be here next weekend??

Josh: X-X-X-T-T-T-I-I-I-N-N-N-N-A

Mel: YES! But he never visits me. We did get pizza once!

Craig: RIGHT??

Delisa said...

Sorry, can't. I have to go to my aunt's 50th birthday party thing (the one I bought the dress for). Once we start working mirror shifts together, I'll just go home with you one weekend!

David said...

Loves it. I've always wanted a loft bedroom like that.

Kristen said...

I can't wait to visit! It looks really nice. I love the idea of a loft bedroom, except maybe one with a slightly higher roof...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! What an awesome-looking place! I like New Jersey a lot more than I thought I would. After the Pool Party / Fire Island I visited Justin S (@comfortablejunk) and his BF and stayed in Princeton for two nights. NJ is a lot more pretty and rural than it seems from the NJ turnpike.

I love all the pix you took. Though I was a little scared for a moment there that Ross looked naked. :P

I *love* all the exposed brick, all the bookshelves (YAY!) the ivy, the trees, the carpets and hardwood floors. You've got a GREAT place there!

David said...

Glad to see you solved the TV location issue.

Anonymous said...

There was a TV location issue?

hoteltuesday said...

Delisa: Hurray! You'll be the only one who visits me because no one will want to drive... lol

David: Thanks! I always have too. And since it's above the kitchen, my roommates can't secretly cook and not share any with me!

Kristen: I can stand in it! I can't stand up straight at the end (where the head of the bed is), but I don't find much need to.

Justin: Thanks!! And the problem to which Mr. Pastelneoncake was referring was about how I would arrange the living room. I had two TVs and didn't need one in my room and didn't know which to use in the living room, etc. It was figured out.