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Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Entertainment Extravaganza

The summer is almost over!!!!!! This summer flew by so quickly and I'm kind of sad it'll be over next month, when I return to school and... have free time again??

Anyway, this excuse for a post will talk about all the things that keep me entertained during these harsh summer months.

Katy Perry

While I wasn't a big fan of Katy at first ("I Kissed A Girl" and "Hot N Cold" were throwaway pop songs in my book), I'm lovin' everything from her new CD. I was wondering how Katy would follow up her huge smash hit "California Gurls," and was delighted to find that I like the 2nd single even better! "Teenage Dream" is AMAZING.

This is a perfect summer song. I think of it like this: "California Gurls" is a song to listen to during the day, throwing a beach ball around on the beach while "Teenage Dream" is a song you listen to at night, cuddling with your imaginary loved one by the pool.
According to my, after having the track for two days, it already became my most played track for the last three months...

Florence + The Machine

My favorite band of the year contributed a song to the latest Twilight movie soundtrack (NO! That's not selling out!) and I love it (duh).

Isn't this song perfect for the type of dramatic love story that Twilight is (I think?).

True Blood

The beginning of this season wasn't that good IMO. But then this happened:

I don't watch much TV, but I am excited for the new season of Project Runway (even though Lady Gaga is on it!)

Even though everyone loves this movie, I didn't want to see it since that brat Ellen Page is in it. But I finally gave in and watched. And it was really good. But I don't see why people are flipping out about the ending. It was good, but pretty predictable.

In other news, Tom Hardy was in this movie.

Jane Austen

I'm finally reading Sense and Sensibility and it's so good! Isn't Jane Austen the best?

Remember followers, it's too hot to be outside!! So stay inside and entertain yourselves, then leave a comment about how you're entertaining yourselves!


adam said...

Niiiiice photo of Tom Hardy! And I agree that the beginning of the True Blood season was a little weak ... but then that happened. Love it!

mikey said...

jane austen's fight club should be on your list too....awesome

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Teenage Dream, I heard it on Perezhilton and told Ray to put it on am I-pod ASAP!! After watching that video I am gonna go watch my twilight DVD's!! Love it!!
I am so happy project Runway is an hour earlier so I don't miss Jersey shore!! (fist pumpin)
Can't wait to see you next week!!


Tam said...

Katy Perry is also growing on me. I found her annoying at first but I'm changing my opinion.

Never read Jane Austen or watched True Blood. I've been too busy gallivanting all over the North East coast vising friends and partying it up to do much else. :-) That's way more fun than TV and movies anyway. Oh, I did see Inception (which I am determined to call Insertion for some reason) and it was good. Not the best thing EVAH, but entertaining. I agree with the ending, I saw that coming.

Great to see you today again.

Craig said...

I can't see the Tom Hardy picture! DIIIIEEEESSS

I've been entertaining myself with Star Trek, Star Trek and more Star Trek.

Nathan V said...

I learned about the wonders of Florence because I was dragged into seeing that stupid movie Jennifer's Body, but it had Kiss With a Fist in it, and now I am in love also.

Speaking of Jane Austen....

hoteltuesday said...

Adam: And I liked the most recent episode too! YAY

Mikey: I keep hearing about that. I hope Edward Norton is somehow involved.

TJ: Project Runway is 90 minutes so it still interferes! But Jersey Shore repeats, so it works.

Tam: YAY! CHANGE YOUR MIND! Buy Katy's new CD when it comes out on August 24th!

Craig: Look now! And I love Seven of Nine!

Nathan: I kind of wanted to see that. Don't like Megan Fox, but I like Devil Cody.

Is that what Mikey was talking about??? I love when they start fights with strangers!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Love Teenage Dream, too!! I'm a True Blood fan. I've read all but the most recent book in the Charlaine Harris series. And I'm watching the show every week- I've been really enjoying it. Although I don't like who they cast as Claudine.