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Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Hour Photo: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

A thousand years ago, I shared a story about an experience I had working in the Rite Aid photo lab. Here's another story!!

So one day, this lady comes in and starts to blah blah blah about how she had so much fun at the Yankees game, and she's so proud of her team, and they they scored so many goals, etc. etc. She hands me a roll of film and tells me to develop the photos from the game.

I started to develop the pictures and they were SO BORING. Basically, she took a bunch of pictures of people running around in the grass and throwing spheres at each other.

When I woke up from my nap, I started to go through the photos to make sure they were all OK. And that's when I found the interesting photos! The interesting set began with a photo of the girl's boyfriend jumping on a bed... naked!

The photos got progressively more inappropriate until eventually, I reached he photos of the couple going to home base...

While naked pictures aren't really surprising to see, there was something strange about these photos; they appeared between photos of the baseball game. I'm pretty sure they didn't see two games, so I think that at some point between the 4th and 10th innings, the lady and her boyfriend decided to go off somewhere and have some fun.

But the best thing of all? The lady must have forgotten about those pictures because she gave her mother the receipt to pick up the photos!

Of course the mother picks up the photos and just has to look at them in the store. I watch her open the envelope, flip through the photos, then suddenly stop.

She stuffed the photos in the envelope and was out!

So remember folks: if you take n00dz, don't let your mom pick them up from the photo lab! She might take a peek.


Ryan said...

They did a seventh inning stretch.

Do you usually take off your shirt while developing photos?

This was worth reading even without the added bonus of not being killed.

Mel said...

I bet everyone who ever worked in a photo lab has a story something like that, but they just never get old. Other folks embarrassing n00dz are always funny as hell.

Tam said...

Too funny. I'm sure the invention of digital cameras has helped everyone keep their perversions slightly more private.

I can't believe you used that god awful picture of dangly balls man. All I'm saying is THANK YOU for that exclamation point positioning.

Ryan said...

Tam: More private? ( )

goblinbox said...

Twenty or thirty years from now, I bet it's very hard to find a place to develop film.

Tam said...

Well, you CAN keep them private if you want to Ryan, granted no one seems to want to anymore.

john said...

I thought you weren't supposed to process the n00die pics when working for a store like that?

I had a friend who did the same job and a good friend of ours wanted to develop pics from her honeymoon. They were racy and completely inappropriate for her friend to develop. The photographer/"model" was bit of an attention whore.

Craig said...

OMG that is hysterical. Plus that picture of Dina is amazing! My sister Amanda teaches Cody Lohan and says he's really sweet. Too bad he got stuck with that screwed up family.

Michelle M. said...

The fact that I know the dangly dude is Cisco Adler tells me I need to spend more time away from the computer.

Love Dinah's expression.

Craig you're just a couple degrees away from Christmas Magic!

Polt said...

When I worked at CVS, we had a guy drop a roll off that was nothing but him, nekkid, lounging about his aparemtn wearing nothing, but sometimes, rollar skates. Worst part was, he really wasn't that good looking.

Oh, and we had the photo of the little gril standly proudly next to her first poo she did in the toilet. At least that's what we figured she did, cause otherwise, that kind of photo is just downright creepy.


that's J-O-S-H said...

I don't blame them for mid-game sexxxy timez...SPORTS ARE THE EPITOME OF SNOOZE CITY! Unless, of course, they are being played out by Nintendo characters!