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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I've been so busy this week!
Sunday I had this OOC party and Monday and Tuesday I had American Idol auditions (more on that later) and today is my only free day before I go BACK TO SCHOOL tomorrow! So I must pack.

If I finish packing early, I'll do my next post tonight (where my many readers can meet my family!)

For now, here are a couple random cell phone images.

Remember my favorite Project Runway designer Austin Scarlett?!
(if not, here he is with his challenge winning corn husk dress....)

Well I was walking through a shopping plaza and saw him!

Glad to see he's still at that sewing machine!! E>


I was at Collingswood the other day (like a giant garage sale where people set up tables to sell stuff) and saw this amazing sign on a Star Trek box set:


john said...

Holy crap! That *is* Austin.

I saw Pineapple Express this week and laughed my butt off the whole time. Rosie Perez and Gary Cole were awesome. "You sexy mother fucker." was my favorite line.

James Franco was fantastic and I really liked Seth Rogen too (he sometimes crosses into Jack Black territory for me).

hoteltuesday said...

Oh, how I miss Austin...

I loved Pineapple Express. My favorite line was when the black cop arrests Dale and he tells her about Rosie Perez and she says "I think I know that b*tch!"
haha. Amazing. I love that cop. Too bad her appearance is so brief.

Jack Black territory?! Oh no! I can't stand Jack Black. The only movies I can watch of his are King Kong (because of Naomi Watts) and The Holiday (because of Kate Winslet). Seth Rogen is soo much better.

Dave S. said...

American Idol auditions? Can't wait to get the scoop on that.

And Jack Black or no, catch Tropic Thunder -- it's a riot. (And Jack doesn't play a huge role...)