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Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Name Is...

So because I have absolutely nothing to blog about, I figured I'd share all the variations of my name!

This is actually my real name. It means "ruler of the household" or something, which is so not true in my case! I was the youngest child so I was more like the "servant of the household."
When I was young, I didn't like my name for some reason. I probably thought it was too unique or something. Some people have unique names and jump all over their uniqueness (like my sister Talita), but others wish they had normal names.

So once I got into 5th grade, I decided I did like the name Enrico, and since then my friends and family call me Enrico.

Enrico makes me think of:

When I went through my name-hating phase, everyone I knew called me Nicky. Once I went back to Enrico, people still called me Nicky cause they were used to it.
Now, my siblings call me either Enrico or Nicky, but I'm fine with either one. But I don't introduce myself as Nicky anymore like I used to.

I guess cause I used it as a child, Nicky makes me think of:

(just not the whole shirtless part! I never run around shirtless!)

I managed to live for 19 years without anyone calling me Rico other than a one time joke or something. Then I went to my current job (well, yesterday was my last day!!!) and somehow got named Rico. Maybe I don't pronounce clearly or something, but my name at work IS Rico. It's on the schedule that way and everything.

The first time I was a server, I printed out my table's ticket and the chef was like "Who is Enrico?! Why is there a ticket for an Enrico?! No one works here with that name!"

Rico makes me think of:

Speaking of jobs not knowing my name....

When I worked at Subway, my Indian boss was unable to say Enrico (or maybe he just didn't like it?) and called me Eric.

My brother used to go in to eat and my boss would say "Tell Eric to come to work!" which my brother found hilarious. He still calls me Eric sometimes.

Eric makes me think of:

Of course the best Disney prince EVER!!! (sidenote: you won't believe the FIRST image that comes up when you Google search "Prince Eric" with no filters...)

Enrico actually is Italian for Henry. For a long period in my life, people would ask me my name and I'd say "Enrico" and they'd say "Why hello, Henry!" and I'd be like, "ENRICO" and they'd be all "OH! ENRICO!" (I SERIOUSLY have a pronunciation problem apparently!)
So I think it's so cool that my name actually means Henry since people always think I say that!

No one really called me this normally until senior year of high school when my friend Jasmine realized what my name meant. She then bought me a keychain that said "Henry" and still calls me it to this day.

Henry makes me think of:

I think this name started with my sister maybe, who called me "Nicky Noogers" as a child. I kind of forgot this name existed until the other day when she called me it again.

Needless to say, I don't go by this name anymore.

And it makes me think of:

And I think that's it....
Still, that's a lot of names!
Which is your favorite?!


dave491 said...

My fave has to be one of two: Enrico or Rico. Gotta keep the ethnicity -- for those of us who are boring midwest whitebread, having even a shade of ethnicity is very cool -- and those two names fit the bill.

I mean, after all, what's gonna get you a date quicker:
"Hi, my name's Enrico." (with a slight roll of the 'r'). Response: "Take me. Take me now!"

"Hi, my name's Dave." Response: "I'm sorry, did you say something...?"

The name Henry's kinda funny, because you look *nothing* like a Henry.

So I guess this means we gotta stop calling you Nicky...

hoteltuesday said...

Haha. Yeah, I know what you mean about generic names. I do like when someone has a cool name.

And I don't really mind being called ANY of these names, so you can call me whichever you like.

Craig said...

Um, Prince Eric is NOT the best Disney Prince! That honor goes to Tarzan. What? Tarzan wasn't a prince?

He was in my mind...


Tam said...

Enrico. Definitely. Although I like Rico too. Henry not so much. Popping over from Puntabulous to kill some time before going home. Funny post, made me laugh, really, like out loud in my office.

hoteltuesday said...

Hey Tam! Thanks so much for the comment. Can you tell how much Puntabulous influenced my blog? Poor Craig... I rip him off so much. lol.

john said...

What no love for the Prince Charming or Aladdin? Well, Aladdin I can understand a little, he was drawn based on Tom Cruise and we all know how that turned out.

Rico makes me think of this:
because he is Rico Suave.

Enrico is a fine name, but I know you as Nicky, so Nicky it is.

hoteltuesday said...

Haha. That is a good representation of "Rico."

And Aladdin is a mediocre Disney movie (meaning it's amazing but not SUPER amazing like The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast)

john said...

I'm not sure I agree. Aladdin has some kick ass music (as does Mermaid). It is one of my favorites.

hoteltuesday said...

Ah, Aladdin does have some good tunes, but The Little Mermaid has the best ever villain song ("Poor Unfortunate Souls" is amazing!) and the best ever princess song ("Part of Your World" which I can play on guitar).
And Ursula's my favorite villain anyway.

john said...

Poor Unfortunate Souls *is* amazing. I have that on my iTunes and will ding it from time to time. I have a good friend with whom I will go into fits of laughter at the sound "Zoot alors! I 'ave missed one!"