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Monday, August 11, 2008

Lost in Translation

So at my job (which will stop being my job in 2 days!!) they hired a few Russian girls. One of them speaks English pretty well, but two of them don't. They rely on the third Russian girl to translate.

But sometimes, the translating Russian isn't scheduled. And then we have problems...
The only thing the Russians can do without their translator is speak in Russian REALLY loudly and laugh. It's kind of cute though, cause they laugh a lot.

Here is a scene I witnessed involving busboy Hugo (who speaks English and Spanish) and the Russian duo (who only speak Russian).

Ah. You gotta love language barriers.

Since then, I still see Hugo speak to them in Spanish and think they're ignoring him. Haha.


Ryan said...

Is that TATU?

hoteltuesday said...

Yes! I couldn't think of many Russian celebs to use so I just used my favorite Russian pop group!

Ryan said...

My favorite Russian pop group would have to be Smash!!, although I do like t.A.T.u as well.

Dave S. said...

Hey, Ryan -- Do you have a website/myspace for Smash?

Ryan said...

They have an entry on

hoteltuesday said...

What?! Smash used to be in a group with t.A.T.u?! Crazy.
I tend to like female vocals more though. I can't wait to go see the new movie starring Mischa Barton and t.A.T.u! (just kidding)