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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Discount Brownies

So I just realized that I never posted about what happened after yoga!

After leaving WOW, Claudia and I headed over to Value City, attracted by the huge sign outside.

I actually never go to Value City but I figured I might as well check out what they had since it was closing down.
Turns out everything was 70-80% percent off! I tried on these amazing boots but didn't buy them cause they were too expensive (like $2).

Claudia and I stumbled across some fabric that was for sale. Actually, I think it was a curtain. But we decided to use it to make a dress. We were inspired by Project Runway!

Our mission was to make a dress that was better than Stella's trashbag dress from the first episode of season 5. I think we succeeded...

Not only were they selling all the rest of their inventory, but their fixtures as well. They were selling the clothing racks, the mannequins, the cash registers, the doors, the walls, etc. I actually got lost in a jungle of clothing racks.

I ended up buying 20 pairs of socks for $4! Pretty sweet deal.

After Value City we stopped by Target so I could get the new Miley Cyrus CD (so good!) and I ended up buying these amazing shorts (don't mind my bad photoshop skillz)

I didn't buy the shirt cause it was the same price as the pants... and that didn't make sense to me.

We also bought brownie mix so we had something to snack on while we watched So You Think You Can Dance!

But everyone knows the point of baking is licking the bowls/implements....

We let them bake and watched SYTYCD and talked about how Mark def needed to go home. It ended up that Will went home somehow even though he's a way better dancer than Mark! Luckily for the world, Mark went home a few days ago, so it's ok. As long as Katee wins everything will be ok!

The brownies were done so we decided to cut them into cool shapes, like triangles, a star, a heart, and then any random shape...

And they were actually really good! I never made brownies before... Then again, it was just mixing and pouring and baking...


Dave S. said...

Just running through my blogroll before going out and your shocking revelation grabbed my attention:

You've...never...made...brownies?!? What?! That can't be right...

And I've always wanted a mannequin -- one male and one female. I have no idea what the hell I'd do with them, but it's always been on my list of things to get before I die.

hoteltuesday said...

Blogroll?!?! That seriously makes my life. Thanks so much for reading.

And yeah, it's kind of weird. Brownies are my favorite. I don't like cake (and therefore cupcakes) and cookies are OK I guess, but when it comes to baked goods, I go for the brownies. But people always made them for me.... haha.

And yeah, I want a mannequin too for some reason!
I think you should get one of each gender and recreate Bjork's "All Is Full of Love" video.

Ryan said...

Your dress definitely beats Stella's. It's too bad they could only choose Stella or Jerry.

hoteltuesday said...

Yeah... personally, I like Stella better because she's FUNNY, but Jerry was actually a little better in the design department IMO. He seemed like an alright designer with a bad idea, while Stella just isn't very good.
But at least she cracks me up!

Ryan said...

Jerry annoyed me because he was so cocky but had little to back it up.

I suppose Stella is not bothering me as much anymore. Looking back at her last design, it was borderline appropriate for the task, which is better than about two thirds of the designs.

I was glad Joe didn't win. Blowing up at Daniel was uncalled for.

Ryan said...

PS - Non-square brownies are cool.

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: Yeah, I agree with you mostly. This season has me a little bummed overall though. I feel like in past seasons (season 1 for instance) almost everyone was really good. I never saw something REALLLLLLY bad walk down the runway EVERY EPISODE like season 5 has been so far. It went from picking the worst from a bunch of decent designs to the worst in a crop of horrible ones.
I miss Austin.

Ryan said...

I checked out Rate the Runway for the first few episodes of Season 4. The menswear challenge (episode three), had a similar failure rate.

PS - I had to google Sgt. Pepper.