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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let It Stop, Let It Stop, Let It Stop

Hey y'all. Since I have nothing else to blog about, here's a story that will shock you: I actually worked out physically exerted myself!

As anyone living in the tri-state area knows, Demeter has been missing Persephone extra hard this year and turning my state/life into a winter wasteland. I live in a house with five strapping men, so when it snows, I lie in bed and pretend I'm busy while hoping the other peepz will shovel. But this past week we got prox. 41 feet of snow, so I had to help.

So I went outside with my housemate Eric Dane and we broke our backs shoveling snow and ice.

I let Mr. Dane do all the heavy lifting of course.

When it first started snowing, my housemates got excited and decided to build a snow structure in the backyard [read as: giant p33n].

Unfortunately, the snow turned to ice overnight and the structure was incredibly hard the next morning. In order to knock it down, I had to beat it with a shovel.

This took so many hours and my back still hurts! And then a few days ago, I crashed into this huge snowback and was SURE my car was smashed to pieces. But somehow my car is fine. BUT STILL, this snow needs to go away, fast.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm hearing rumors that my area (Indy) could get another 10" by Monday.

Or it could turn to rain because of possible higher temps and that would melt away the existing snow, too. And lead to flooding.

Yay for February.

Tam said...

You look so manly doing all that manual labour. Hopefully it will all melt soon.

We have had next to no snow since Christmas. It's weird. They said snow this afternoon but I can't see any out there.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Where's the muscles?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yay! Smash that phallic snow statue representation of promiscuity and emotional abandon into tiny lil' piecez! Monogamy forevz!

vegfarandi said...

I was getting anxious for spring to appear so I died my hair blonder and got a haircut. Now I feel like spring.

john said...

I'm so impressed you did some manual labor! I may have to keep these pictures as proof. I'm bummed about the snow. Partially because you got so much, but also because we have gotten so little.

Dave2 said...

You sure know how to deliver a beating to a giant p33n, I'll give you that much!

Hoping for better weather to come your way...

Polt said...

A giant snow p33n that was hard in the morning and you had to beat it to make it go away? Seriously, punkin, you been raiding the posts I have lined up for my blog? :)

41 inches of snow here. I used to love snow, 'used to' being the operative words.

You need to get yourself some decent boots! can't be out in all that snow in jsut sneaks!


Justin said...

*sigh* Dave2 and Polt have already made the obvious filthy comments! :P

Oh, wait, here's one!! Wouldn't Eric help you beat that giant p33n?

*whew* That's better. :-)

Adam said...

Is his name really Eric Dane?

No snowmen? Snow angels? Snowball fights? Igloos? You could have had so much more fun in the snow!

hoteltuesday said...

Liz: The rain sounded so much better... Until you mentioned flooding. Good luck!

Tam: Lucky! I should visit you in Canada in the winter... which seems to not make sense.

Garret: Hiding beneath my pea coat... and then hiding beneath my skin.

Josh: The p33n was so easy to take down. Those are the testicles I'm smashing! BOO TO REPRODUCTION (unless it's a Josh Page poem).

vegfarandi: I always feel like winter. Feeling like spring sounds cool.

john: Yeah, yeah... You wish you got more... until your car is buried and your life is ruined.

Dave2/Polt/Justin: SMH

Adam: UMM you think I don't know who the other Eric Dane is?! Gosh.
And we actually played this awesome game where he threw snowballs into a hole in a tree. But we played after dark and couldn't take pics with no light.

Chris D. said...

I like your coat.

I had to look up SMH, but I think I have figured it out. I guess I won't leave any dirty comments.

I am SOOOO glad I got my snow thrower. I still want to get an even better one, but it has made snow clearing MUCH easier than it used to be.

Jere Keys said...

Ooh... manly physical labor, violent acts of destruction, AND car crashes... this blog is starting to sound like an Action-Adventure movie. All you need is a vapid romantic interest and some kind of explosion. And maybe robots.

Justin said...

Heh. Yeah, Chris. I had to look up SMH too. Thank goodness for Urban Dictionary!!! :D

Imagine how much MORE Enrico would have shaken his head if I had said something about how cute his roommate Eric is.

But I'm far too much of a gentleman to say something that crass.

No really! Honest!

john said...

Enrico, two car garage and a snow blower, more snow is no problem.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you wearing my scraf???


Jake said...

I can't believe how must snow the tri-state area god. I mean, I'm from Western New York so we get that really shitty Lake Effect snow that gives Buffalo like 209 ft of snow. But man oh mannnn.


Michelle M. said...

This makes me sooo glad I moved out of Colorado. You look very cute in your winter gear.

hoteltuesday said...

Chris D.: Thanks! I love my coat. It was a bday present from my friends last year.

Jeremiah: UMMMM... Action movies are boring. So I better stop blogging about this stuff.

Justin: Eric has a girlfriend and is currently SHH.

john: We have a large backyard (where we park) that we STILL haven't shoveled out yet. TOO BIG.

TJ: I wear your 'scraf' every day!

Jake: ME TOO! I used to love winter, but this year, I'm not feeling it.

Michelle M: You prefer earthquakes over snow??

Jere Keys said...

Or add a superhero.

Michelle M. said...


David said...

I would speak to the manliness of your appearance in these photos, but apparently, monogamy is forevz, and even dinosaurs have to be careful where they tread these days.