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Friday, February 12, 2010

12 of 12 - February 2010

Are you guys SUPER EXCITED for the MOST INTERESTING 12 for 12 you've EVER SEEN!?
(Thanks to Polt and David for reminding me!)

So my day started with a nightmare. I woke up at 4am after having a terrifying dream that prevented me from falling back asleep for a mad long time (prox. 3 minutes). The weird thing is, I've been having nightmares for like a week now! Weird. Guess this piece of crap fine example of superior craftsmanship that I actually made myself doesn't work....

So after being scared to death, I went back to sleep and woke up and did my math homework. FUN!

Then, I worked on my paper for HOURS AND HOURS.

My paper was due at midnight so I basically worked on it all day when I wasn't doing something less important, like eating and sleeping. I wrote about the use of the carnivalesque and grotesque realism in the work of Giambattista Basile and you guys have no idea what I'm talking about! Yay! Here are the books I used....

Lit theory, Il Cunto de li Cunti and an MLA book. What a fun day!

I took a break from writing my paper to go to class. First I had my fairy tale class in Bliss Hall, where all the cool kids (Josh y yo) hang out.

Then I went to math class in the science complex, where boring, unfriendly nerds hang out.

I went back to my car to head home and discovered that someone poured water on my car while I was at class, then turned the water into icicles.

I then went home and worked on my paper for another three hours. Some of my BFs Delisa and Dana came over and we went to ShopRite to buy some groceries so we could make dinner. BREAKING NEWS: Cheez-Its and Ho-Hos are now considered vegetables.

We came home with some scared animal shivering in a cage. We let it loose then started attacking it with clubs. Once it was defeated, we threw it on the frying pan. YUM.

Animal cruelty tastes delicious!

We all sat on the sofa and watched the Olympics (feat. JONI MITCHELL!!!). My spot is empty cause I'm taking the (out of focus) picture.

Then we made dessert.

Then I worked on my paper for another four hours and sent it in, then I started blogging but got so tired that I


that's J-O-S-H said...

YAY! Giambattista Basile [feat. Jo!]! And apparently I am a HUGE FAN of animal cruelty...just ask David's gatoz!

Chris D. said...

That Dream Catcher looks like a good effort. Perhaps it didn't work because it is a _Dream_ Catcher, not a _Nightmare_ Catcher. ;)

Your math homework looks very neatly done.

That is quite a selection of peppers! I guess I have not had to buy peppers lately.

What recipe did you cook?

Milo said...

Liked the photos! You do have a lot of snow over there. We had much less than that last month but it still brought the country to a halt. I don't think we're totally out of the woods yet, there could well be some more.

PS I also had an unpleasant dream last night, mostly work related.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

There just has to be an award for the ugliest couch that you or your friends should receive. Oy.

By the way, when exactly are Cheez-Its and Ho-Hos in season?

Polt said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun despite working HOURS AND HOURS on that paper. :)


Eternal Lizdom said...

I knew that cheez its and ho hos were part of a well balanced diet!! I actually haven't had ho hos in a loooooong time so I'm obviously ho-deficient.

Jere Keys said...

When I used to volunteer for a camp program, I always got put in charge of teaching the dream catcher workshop. I probably have a dozen of them in a trunk in my parent's basement.

The man I interviewed with yesterday went to TCNJ about 500 years ago. It came up because he asked me about my experiences with NJ Transit. Anyway, he was impressed that I knew about the balls.

hoteltuesday said...

Josh: Basile CRACKS ME UP! Even though we read him for our second day of class, I ended up writing my paper about him cause I love him.

Chris D.: We made tacos. They're easy to make and delicious.

Milo: We had SO much snow, but school wasn't canceled on Thursday. I ended up getting stuck in the road on the way to school and a plow had to come get me out!

Garret: I lurve our couch! We changed the cushions but I like the way it looked originally:

Polt: I had fun working on the paper since I loved the topic. But I wasn't exaggerating about the time I spent on it...

Liz: I hate Ho-Hos and Ding-Dongs and other snacks with chocolate on the outside and cream in the middle. Gross!

Jere: You're welcome.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Oh my gawd, it's even uglier in all it's glory. Am I the only one who thinks so?

Michelle M. said...

That second picture looks like a nightmare to me, but the last picture made me feel better. Hope you get an A+ on the paper : ).

Tam said...

Mmmm. Cookies. You really do have a beautiful college

Justin said...

Garrett: believe me, no. Oh, god no.

Jere: I have this horrible feeling there are former camp youngsters who have been having lifetimes of nightmares ever since their time at camp because you locked their dreamcatchers away in a trunk in a basement. That's nightmare fodder all by itself.

And what "balls"?

Enrico: "boring, unfriendly nerds"? Are you saying you're NOT a nerd?

Jere Keys said...

Justin: I didn't lock their dream catchers away, every time I taught the workshop I ended up making 1 or 2 of my own to demonstrate how to do it.

hoteltuesday said...

Garret: Polt hates it too!

Michelle: Thanks! I hear my prof isn't a tough grader... Hope that's true!

Tam: Thanks to you too! I love when people think my college looks nice. It looks much better when it's not covered in ice.

Justin: I do not identify as a nerd. And liking literature does not make me a nerd, if that's what you were gonna say.

Jake said...

I should do one of these posts. Yours are always funnnn.

I was disappointed with the opening of the Olympics. I thought that the opening in Beijing was so fucking cool, and the Friday's opening was... eh.

David said...

I didn't know ground beef (or turkey?) was still capable of shivering in a cage. Good thing you put it out of its misery.

Justin said...

Enriquitiquitochico: you seem to restrict "nerd" to "math / science / computer" nerds. Granted, they are a particular KIND of nerd that is what many or most people have in mind when they use the word. But I tend to use the word more expansively: somebody who is into school/college/learning as opposed to being into partying/drinking/being popular. When I was in high school, I was part of such a crowd -- and by no means were all of us into computers or science or math. In fact some of the MOST nerdy (i.e. unpopular amongst the student body) were literature majors. :-) I, myself, was a linguistics major and I count myself as about as nerdy as they come.

Chris D. said...

Justin: But... but.... Enrico IS popular!!!!! ;)

Is he a popular nerd?

hoteltuesday said...

David: Can't you read?! That's what it looked like AFTER we killed it and prepared it for cooking. Jeez.

Justin: Hmm. Get ready for a long explanation...
I definitely don't define a nerd as someone who is only interested in math/science/engineering/other snoozefest majors. To be a nerd, you just have to be very passionate about whatever field you're in. However, being passionate doesn't make you a nerd. When it comes to English major nerds, I think nerdom is mostly defined by what you DON'T DO. Sure, I don't go to parties at frat houses. But I do love silly pop music and dancing (with tears in my eyes) in my room while getting dressed and I joke around with my friends all the time (and not in English-related jokes). I KNOW the rules of standard English, but I also know that "standard English" is not "correct English" (and I'll judge you if you think it is... there is no CORRECT English peepz!!). I think language is fluid and playful and I don't act so SERIOUS about my major. Sure, I love reading and analyzing literature and writing papers. But I understand that the 'meaning' of a book can be interpreted differently (and not wrongly), that "incorrect" grammar doesn't exist, and I'd even say that there are no 'untouchable,' 'perfect' texts out there. If you're constantly in the English building, defending your psychoanalytic reading of your favorite Shakespeare play, not allowing other interpretations, and correcting your friend's e-mails based on standard English, you're an English nerd. I even like the fact that people have conversations with me and find me goofy, then don't believe me when I tell them my GPA. You can be knowledgeable about your subject matter and get all As, but you don't have to define yourself based on your field of study and be silly/dumb at times if you want.

Besides, as Chris pointed out, I'm popular.

Justin said...

Heh. :-)

First off, I don't think "nerd" is an insult.

Secondly, anybody who can write (as you always do) as intelligently, thoughtfully, and articulately as you do -- pretty much, nerd. :-)

Thirdly, as I said, I was a linguistics major. We are the ones who came UP with the idea that there was no such thing as "incorrect" grammar. To put it differently, when a linguist talks about grammar, he/she is talking about "descriptive grammar" (describing how people actually use language) NOT "proscriptive grammar" (telling people how they "should" use language). The latter is utterly arbitrary: one social class / regional ethnographic group being privileged over others and telling people that the way they happen to speak is the only "correct" way. It is interesting to sociolinguists as a sociological phenomenon, but it has nothing to do with what linguists study when they study "grammar".

So. We agree 100% on that. :)

Being into music? Hm. Well, I admit that as a HS student and for most of college, I was UTTERLY uncool and not into music at all. I blame that on the fact that the music of the 70s sucked (with a few exceptions). But many of my nerdy friends were VERY much into music. And now I'm into almost everything, including, I'm not ashamed to admit, some very goofy poppy stuff.

One last thing about being a nerd, at least for me back in the day. It almost always meant "no sex". It mostly meant "no alcohol" and it most definitely meant "no drugs" (which in the 70s was hard to pull off). The popular people were doing all those things. My crowd wasn't.

As a young gay man who was terrified of being "discovered", it was the perfect place to "hide" myself. Not having a girlfriend throughout HS and college was something I could get away with by being in that kind of crowd.

Things have changed a lot nowadays, though. Things are a lot more fluid.

As for "popular", I'm sure you are. But is it with the Mean Girls/Heathers/frat boy crowd, or with other INTELLIGENT people like yourself? :-)