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Monday, February 01, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister In The Air With Tears In Your Eyes

This week's Monday Music Moment will include various topics.

Of course, I gotta mention the GRAMMYs!

In case you missed the show, all you need to know is that GaGa lost Song of the Year, Record of the Year (I'm very surprised/pleased with Kings of Leon taking the category), and Album of the Year. She also performed a lackluster opening performance and forever ruined my favorite Elton John song.

You should also know that P!nk sang/flew/spun her way into the dumb brains of all those peepz around America who think her last single was "Get The Party Started." P!nk is so underrated in America and I love that all the music headlines are claiming that she had the best performance of the night, which is true. (It's hard to find a working link on YouTube, but P. Nasty posted the video here if you haven't seen it.)

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the award winners this year. The only award I was genuinely upset with was The Black Eyed Peas winning Best Pop Vocal Album for The E.N.D. (feat. 50% stolen music).

The Return of Train?

After getting awards and attention for their hit single "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" like 34 years ago, Train seems to be back with a decent single!

I love "Hey, Soul Sister" (even if it is kinda similar to "I'm Yours" in some ways). It's fun, catchy, and has some cute lyrics ("I'm so obsessed / my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest"). It's already peaked at #7 on the Hot 100 which is the highest they've been since "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" reached #5 all those years ago.

P.S. Doesn't the lead singer look like he's aged 50 years since "Drops"?!

Rolling Stone Reviews

I actually used to read Rolling Stone reviews and think that they were kind of decent. But I think nowadays they're pretty bad. Here's the review they gave Ke$ha's CD, Animal.

Not long ago, frat-boy antics were for, well, boys. But 22-year-old Ke$ha, the electro-upstart behind the hit "TiK ToK," is here to let the world know that loutish drunkenness and sexual harassment aren't just for fellas anymore. On her debut, she calls herself a pimp, brags about a "Party at a Rich Dude's House" and tells one hapless love toy, "Don't be a little bitch with your chit-chat/Just show me where your dick's at." It's repulsive, obnoxious and ridiculously catchy — thanks to songwriter-producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, who envelop Ke$ha's bratty raps in percolating beats and buzzing bass lines. Fear for the future of civilization, and dance.

Does anyone else think this review is just.... not helpful and bland?! Sure, they quote one of the funniest lines on the album, but what have I learned about the music? Just that it feats "percolating beats and buzzing bass lines." How descriptive.

But they also annoy me because they seem to give ratings with scientific regularity. U2 or Springsteen release a new record? 5 stars. American Idol alum release a record? 2 stars. And surprise, surprise.... Ke$ha got 3/5 stars, just like recent releases from P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Paramore, Cobra Starship, Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers. RS needs to learn that, just like men, all pop CDs are not created equal!


goblinbox said...

Out of context (I've never heard the song), "untrimmed chest" is the dumbest lyric ever.

Thank God I'm not a big huge rockstar. People would totally laugh at my lyrics.

David said...

Wait, all men are not created equal?

Anonymous said...

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Polt said...

Ah Anonymous, how I do miss your comments totally unrelated to anything I'd post on my blog. Not.

Anyways, Punkin, I know I'm going to incur the wrath of both parts of joshrico for this, BUT...

Maybe RS gives 3 stars to all those acts because, well, maybe all pop CD's ARE created equal. Whereas U2 and Bruce are not pop and therefore worthy of more than 3 stars?

I know, I know, it's sacrilige I'm saying, blasphemy even.

I don't get RS anymore, and I also did not agree with all their reviews. But I rarely, if ever, see any movie, buy any book or listen to any music based upon what the reviewer say. I watch and buy what I like, not what some random person who I've never met tells me watch or buy.


that's J-O-S-H said...

I really don't mean to offend, Polt...but you say "Whereas U2 and Bruce are not pop and therefore worthy of more than 3 stars?" yet still admit to actively keeping your musical spectrum limited to only what you already know? So U2 and Bruce should automatically get accolades cuz of their names? Once again, not trying to seem rude, but to judge someone's music/album you should give them an honest listen and not just write them off cuz they are labeled as pop.

that's J-O-S-H said...

And defining what is or is not pop is nearly impossible nowadays. There are many people that would call U2 and Bruce pop artists since they are popular and get radio airplay.

hoteltuesday said...

goblinlunchbox: Well when you're brain is less full, give the song a listen!

David: Thanks for getting my joke?

Anonymous: SHUT UP!

Polt: BOO. I don't listen to music "because someone tells me to." But as you know, I am interested in pop culture and like to be aware of reviews, not base my life on them. I usually listen to a CD (because I listened to the artists other CDs or like their singles) and THEN look up reviews. I LOVE Hotel Paper (the CD that gave me my blog title) but critics didn't! I just love pop culture knowledge, like album sales, guest artists, songwriters, Billboard history, etc. and 'critical reception' is part of that.

And the trashy one is right: categorizing music is hard. My housemate took a class about pop music (obviously I'm jealous!) and they spent a good deal of time talking about Fleetwood Mac, who DEF don't deserve three stars or less by default!

And besides, pop music is NOT created equal. Ke$ha = catchiness beyond compare. Brooke Hogan? Not so much.

And what do you mean about U2 and Bruce? If they have a bad CD, they should automatically get more than 3 stars simply because they're NOT pop? There are terrible country CDs, gospel CDs, rap CDs, etc...

Polt said...

I'll agree guys, that it's difficult to classify some music nowadays. I don't like, or dislike, an genre of music. I like what I like, just like everyone else does.

Rereading my first comment, I can see it didn't come out as I intended. Let's see if I can clarify it a bit more. Since we all like what we like, let's say that a reviewing (or hell, anyone talking about music) doesn't like pop music in general. Doesn't mean they don't like ALL pop music, doesn't mean that no one else should like it either. But if they don't like it, but they DO happen to really like most rock music from the 80's, especially, let's say, U2 and Bruce, then is it a surprise that they would rate most pop CD's a 3 but rate U2 and Bruce's albums higher, even a 5?

What I meant above is that since we all have our own preferences and prejudices, naturally we're going to tell others we like and dislike certain things based on those preferences and prejudices. It's just that some of us get paid money to tell others what they like and don't like.

And that's not really what I said above, but it's what I meant. If a reviewer considered all pop music to be the same, they'd consider it dirivative and boring and rate it not as high as something they liked, like U2 or Bruce.

Granted, if they're getting paid money to do it, then they shouldn't let their baises come into play. BUt c'mon, we all know they're going to. Hence why RS reviews are all like you mentioned punkin, and why I don't like reviews in general.

You didn't offend, Sassy josh, it'd take more than a well reasoned and written counter opinion to my own to offend me.

Having said all that, though, I do think a U2 album, even a mediocre one, is still better than most of the 'pop' music put out now. But that's my opinion, not that it's right, or that everyone should feel that way.

Oh, except for Lady GaGa, she's the bee's knees. *ducking and dodging the incoming projectiles* :)


Mel said...

I thought back when 'Drops' was out that the singer looked like he was living a bit rough, so no, I don't appreciate much of a change. I wonder who did the animation. It reminds me of the title scenes from 'Heroes'.

I haven't really paid much attention to the lyrics. I just really love the uke - makes for a nice, catchy little tune.

mkf said...

"drops of jupiter" is a great song--distinctive and original. this one? jason mraz should sue.

Tam said...

I do get a bit tired of people getting ratings based on reputation and not the work at hand. It's the same for authors or actors. Once you've been declared genius, it pretty much doesn't matter what crap you put out everyone assumes it's wonderful because you were brilliant at some point in the past. I'm not saying U2 and Springsteen haven't put out good stuff lately, it's not really my thing so I can't say, but I have a feeling no matter how bad it was people would bow down and worship because they are "legends". The kidlet wants to know how OLD Bon Jovi is and why they aren't retiring yet? LOL

Pop can be the same though. It's the same people nominated based on popularity not necessarily talent. Why do people request Black Eyed Peas? Because they know who they are. There are probably lots of unknown bands who are better or equally good but no one phones in an asks for them because radios don't play them. It's a bit of vicious circle.

I was glad GaGa didn't win. I don't hate her music but she seems to be of the opinion that an outrageous costumes and flashing her Brazilian equals good music. Surprise. Not.

john said...

Why hello band wagon, I'm going to jump (on) you.

I grew up with multiple older siblings, all of which were very into rock music. While I do like rock, I much prefer pop and disco. Yes, disco. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

I gave up defending my musical tastes years ago. I like and purchase what I like regardless of who decides to say if it is good or bad. As I've said before the two Aqua cds are some of the catchiest and fun pop cds ever, but all most people know is Barbie Girl. It's sad because people who like pop are missing out on two cds worth of songs.

As for Gaga, say what you like, but the bitch can sing and arrange a catch tune. I may not fully understand/appreciate her persona, but I can sing poorly in my car to her songs.

Tam: "Flashing her Brazilian" HA! Awesome! Oh and Black Eyed Peas suck. And not in the good way.

Ray Avito said...

**inserting pithy comment** I just thought the reviewer's toupee was falling to the left side...

john said...

Ray: LOL! He was going to get up and go, but he's fossilized!

Michelle M. said...

I don't read reviews - I like what I like.

I'd rather jam pencils in my ears than hear "I Gotta Feeling" one more time.

Anonymous said...

i love that train song


hoteltuesday said...

Mel: I love the animation. It's been done, but it fits the song.

mkf: Really?! I think it's kind of similar in vibe, but that's it.

Tam: LIKE AVATAR?! Ugh. Not brillz just cause Titanic one...

john: I don't dig the new Aqua song though. You heard it??

Ray: I don't understand!

Michelle M: THANK YOU! I hate that song to death and all these corny people were like "OMG dis my summer anthem!" just cause they were going to have a 'good good night' aka get drunk and forget all about it! UGH.