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Sunday, May 23, 2010

II: Not The Same Boy

Hello everyone! First, an update on my life since I blog so rarely:
I'm working full-time all summer at a super famous publishing company. Although the job is an internship (necessary for grad school!), I don't do any 'intern-like' stuff (i.e. organize other people's stuff, get coffee, make copies). I'm actually the workshop coordinator at the company, which is a job that used to be done by a salaried employee. For some reason, the company decided to make it an internship instead and that's where I'm working.

Also, I'm moving next week! As soon as I'm done with this entry, I'm getting right back to packing (and then buying Super Mario Galaxy 2) ... (and then regretting it when it's time to move and I haven't finished packing). I have an apartment in the beautiful town of Lambertville (NOT named after Adam Lambert, but after Alex Lambert - I miss you Alex!) with Ross and Christie. I'll put up pics of the new place after I move in.

So now! Time for part 2 of my life photo album. See part 1 here.
[click to enlarge!]


Where did we leave off?

Oh yeah! I was birthed, then sprinkled with some water so that I won't be dragged to hell... Obviously, I had no say in this.

I got a little older (about 2 or 3 according to TJ) and started rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pants and a tail.

To the right you can see my sister Gabi in that cute yellow dress with the yellow stockings. We were both so stylish at young ages.

Here's a school picture:

My dad made me and my brother dress up for school pictures. I remember being the ONLY one wearing a suit to picture day (embarrassing!). I think this was 1st or 2nd grade. Notice my big ears. I didn't grow into them until later. People used to call me Dumbo and throw stuff at me.

Here's another school photo (not feat. all my front teeth).

I feel like I look completely different in these two pictures, which were taken only 1 or 2 years apart (2nd or 3rd grade?). I feel like everyone has a picture of them with their front teeth missing. I have a picture with only one missing, and I think it's much less cute.

Here I am on December 10, 1995.

Based on the date (and the rest of the photos), this was probably one of those joint birthday parties I had throughout my life. TJ's birthday is only one day before mine, so we often had shared birthday parties.

Please note how disinterested I look in that card.

And in my gift. Also, please note how happy Gabi looks.

CAPTION TIME: What was I wishing for?

And speaking of apathy...

How much does Pasquale look like he doesn't care at all about Gabi's ring?

Here I am later in December of '95, the day after Christmas.

See that bear I'm holding? That was one of my first teddy bears and I loved that thing. I wish I knew where it was now.

OMG!! Am I... playing sports?!?!

Oh no, I'm just throwing that ball in the garbage 'cause sports are laaaaame.

Random photo:

Wearing a baseball cap?? Random.

Here's a picture of me next to what is still my favorite food:


Oh look, here I am at my first Pride event! My mom used to go to Pride with her girlfriend and she brought us along sometimes.

Fake horseshoe set: $10
Gabi's billowy white shirt: $15
My cross-legged pose: priceless
(are those jokes too played out? oh well)

Back to Christmas! Here I am on Christmas 1997, looking absolutely thrilled to be alive.

And here are the Bruno kids with my grandfather for that Christmas.

Look at my hair! And TJ is just daydreaming... probably about all the Puerto Ricans.

In that last photo, you'll notice how I wore a button-down shirt open, revealing the white shirt beneath. And both were way too big on me. Well unfortunately, this was the way I dressed all the time in those years.

Ugh sick. That neckline is SO BIG. Nowadays, I would take that off immediately or die.

Here's a picture of the four Bruno kids.

Oh wait, that's just Gabi, Pasquale and me with Paula. This was taken in our apartment in Asbury Park. This couch was a popular place to take pictures.


You know how everyone has 'awkward' years? I hope this was me at my most awkward!

Ai-ya! ¡QuĂ© horror!

Here are some pics from my middle school yearbook. Please locate me, laugh out loud, then mock me in the comments.

My hair in the Scarlet Key and Student Council Exec Board photos...... I have no words.

Here I am with my dog Faith.

You wouldn't know it from this picture, but Faith was very loving and kind. What a great dog! Unfortunately, Paula decided it was better to kill her than to have a HUGE dog in a tiny apartment (terrible excuse!) and she was replaced by some nasty thang.

Then I got to high school, and y'all know how that went.

And here I am today (or, last Thursday).

I am certainly a product of the generations who came before me, who instilled in me a love for music, gossip, blogging... Ok, maybe not. Either way, I hope you enjoyed my family photo album.

Let the teasing begin!


Jere Keys said...

No teasing, you're too adorable.

Anonymous said...

OMG Gabi's big white shirt = Horrible! LOL

Day dreaming about Puerto Ricans, I still do!! LOL

I remember when you use to dress in large clothes, The suit in your school picture was so funny back then!

Tj/Talita :o)

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Dear Dumbo,

The shape of your head/hair in the first 2 school photos was VERY laughable.

Milo said...

The internship sounds like fun and I'm sure is good experience.

Good luck with the move, always stressful but change is good (just been through it myself).

Liked the photos!

Mel said...

No dog should ever be killed because they're inconvenient. That's what you do with children.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...


Polt said...

I shall not mock the school photos for fear that you may get your hands on a Waynesboro Area Senior High School yearbook, circa 1985 or so.

Frankly, I think you look absolutely adorkable in the middle school photo, not awkward.

Or are those words synonomous?


Delisa said...

Your hair and your disinterested stares are priceless lol.

I'm so glad most of my photos are buried somewhere.

Good luck moving.

Anonymous said...

You were cute, but i not as cute as me. I was so round and excited about everything those days. But I love T.J.'s glasses the frame covering the whole cheek someone should really bring those back.


Michelle M. said...

You are wishing for fame and fortune?
And you look adooooorable! Almost as cute as R.P.

That tail and those pants, though...

Tam said...

Awww. You were so cute. You look a little pissed at Christmas though. Thanks for sharing.

john said...

Dude, would it have killed you to crack a smile in middle school?!? And yes, we know how high school went, you grew up and started to look like Jesus.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: Thanks.

TJ: I love Gabi's shirt. I wish she still had it and wore it!

Garret: My hair is VERY laughable almost all the time.

Milo: It is fun! Sometimes. Sometimes I just stare at a screen all day entering ISBNs. But it's a cool place to work.

Mel: That's what you do with lame, pretentious pop stars??

Polt: I'll pretend you said adorable.

Delisa: I love my disinterested stares! WHY CAN'T I JUST BE HAPPY?

Gabi: You're not round and excited anymore?? BOO.

Michelle: You're the only one who captioned the photo. And you were right!!

Tam: Didn't I look like that all the time? lol. I was probably mad that I didn't get enough free stuff!

John: And as I started to look like him, I became more innocent too. Yay.

Justin said...

Awesome post!!! I love all the pix.

I know Jere said you were too cute (and you were and are) but seriously how did you end up with 70s hair in the "Executive Board" pic? I know whereof I speak!

And I'm impressed you belonged to soooooo many groups!

I'm with Mel on the dog thing. How could she kill that beautiful dog?! Even putting her in a shelter would have been a crappy thing to do but at least she would have had a chance :P

Amazing how dumbo could grow up to be such a handsome man. :-)

Odd. After you just said "Purple" like 20 times in a thread on facebook, the word verification thingie is "pupledl".

Chris D. said...

I used to go camping with the Boy Scouts on an island owned by a local shad fishery in Lambertville. We used to walk over the bridge to New Hope for ice cream. Happy memories. :) It is a beautiful area, have a fun summer there.

Cute photos. That is more than a suit, that looks like a tux in your school photo! My mother always used to complain that I didn't smile in my school photos.

Anonymous said...

Chris D: It was a full blown tux!! :o)


Craig said...

OMG I love this post! The picture of you in front of the Christmas tree might be my favorite picture ever! You're kinda like Mai from Last Airbender :-P

Congrats on the internship!