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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fine, Fresh, Fierce

It's summertime (kind of)!!!

Unless you're in high school (haha!), school is over and it's time to relax, sunbathe, have fun go to work every day and study for the GREs? Oh, that describes my summer. Hopefully y'all have better plans.

But even when summer doesn't sound all that exciting, know what you can always depend on? Summer music! And this year, we are already off to a great start... especially when it comes to the pop divas. So this Monday Muse is dedicated to the those pop starlets who are sexy, different, and a bit reflective, who are providing us with fun summer hits!

Miley Cyrus

After delivering the feel-good anthem of the decade with "Party in the U.S.A.", Ms. Cyrus is back with the first single off her new album, "Can't Be Tamed." The song is not an infectious pop song a la "Party", but it's pretty catchy and has some of the best lyrics EVER (see: "I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands")

Miley = creature so rare, peepz thought she was extinct??? Random, but I love it! And unlike the "Party in the U.S.A." video, Miley goes for the 'strange' look rather than the 'slutty' look. Only someone really really stupid would say that she's slutty in this video, so I'm glad she decided to wear that not-revealing black outfit (feat. long gloves) for most of the video.

Katy Perry

Exactly two years ago, Ms. Perry's single "I Kissed A Girl" was quickly becoming the summer hit of 2008 (and no, nobody cares that some d.i.n.o.s.a.u.r released a song with the same title prox. 40 years ago; think of how many people release songs with the same titles all the time. How about "I Love You"? Or Lindsay Lohan's new song "I Wanna Be Bad" matching Willa Ford's song of the same name?!). She's back now with a fun, summery single for 2010. "California Gurls" feats. synth, a catchy hook (nothing comes close to the golden coast!), a rap from Snoop Dogg, and fun lyrics that some people are sure to criticize, acting like Katy is interested in writing Pulitzer Prize winning poetry.

The video for the song hasn't come out yet, but considering that my favorite video ever is for a Katy Perry song, I hope I like this one.


Have you guys been requesting Ke$ha's new single "Your Love Is My Drug" to your local radio stations?? Of Ke$ha's three singles off Animal, "Your Love Is My Drug" is my favorite; it's fun and silly, but not stoopid like that "Tik Tok" song and not feat. awkward rappers like "Blah Blah Blah." If you listen to this song and don't want to dance, then seek therapy.

14 hours ago, Ke$ha tweeted: "Videos a comin out! R u guyssss readdddyyy for a desert elephant snake light up body paint psychedelic party or what?"
WELL WE ARE. But the video's not out yet. When it is, prepare to be blown away!

What's your favorite song of the summer so far???????


Jere Keys said...

Um, I'm quite sure I've called her slutty for this video repeatedly. Especially the part where she's making an orgasm face as she rubs her hand down her body toward her vajayjay. So I guess I'm really, really stupid. But mostly I'm disappointed that she's changing her image in such a tired, predictable way.

that's J-O-S-H said...

"Your Love Is My Drug" is on my summer '10 playlist as well! Along with "Superfast Jellyfish" by Gorillaz, "All I Ever Wanted" by Kelly Clarkson and "Alright With Me" by Kris Allen. YAY FOR MUSIC.

Delisa said...

You already know how I feel about Miley Cyrus, not really feeling Katy Perry's song either but I'm sure I'll hear it a million times on the radio and I do like Ke$ha's song.

I don't really have a song for the summer yet but I am looking forward to M.I.A.'s new album and this song is my motivation to get a sponsor:

Tam said...

Miley - It's okay, I'm not a Miley fan but can live with it. The video is weird but in a good way. However long gloves do NOT replace pants in the modesty stakes. If your ass is hanging out I don't care if you're wearing a burka on your top half.

Katy - She kind of annoys me but I'm really liking that Timbaland (sp?) song (despite the fact he keeps rubbing his chin like some kind of old perv - oh wait, he is). This one is okay.

Kesha - She REALLY annoys me although her songs tend to be cathy but I'm finding they all sound the same on some level. My kid claims not but the ones on the radio do.

I don't really have a fave, I guess the Timbaland/Katie Perry thing right now.

john said...

I hate when my comment gets eaten....

The Miley song didn't do anything for me. Her outfit was hardly demure, but it isn't overly slutty either.

The Katy song isn't doing much for me either. Sorry.

I do love "Your Love Is My Drug", but I think "V.I.P." is my favorite song on the cd. Her act doesn't bother me. Essentially she is doing the same thing Gaga is doing, but in a different vein.

Polt said...

Call me stupid then, cause I thought Miley's outfit was slutty. And wasn't she just 14 years old like last week?

But the wings were pretty awesome. And the sluttily clad male backup dancers even moreso.

The song itself, I like it. I reminds of some of Britney's stuff, but I like it anyway. *wink*

The Katy Perry one is disabled for some reason.

Ke$ha, I'll agree it makes me want to dance. And that's probably the only place I'd really listen to it, in a dance club while I'm shaking my old booty. Not a pretty sight, but the way. :)


Tam said...

Jesus Polt don't break a hip. ;-)

I think Miley is 16 now or maybe 17. Not 18 though.

Craig said...

I C> C> C> the Miley video!

Chris D. said...

I think I like your love is my drug best. It is a fun song. The Miley video is interesting. I hope the lip sync slippage is a YouTube artifact. It seems like they would do a better job on a production like that. I' not really a big Snoop Dog fan.

hoteltuesday said...

Josh: And "Hot" by Avril Lavigne!

Delisa: I'm so glad you like the Ke$ha song!! Do you love "Blind" and "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes" and "Backstabber" and "VIP"??
ACK! Soulja Boy drives me insane. Does that vid inspire you to become a rap video model?? So much better than an internship!

Tam: I was gon' include that but didn't want two songs from the same artist, kinda. I do like that song. I didn't at first (Timbaland kind of annoys me/sounds the same) but it grew on me. I love Katy's verse and the way she sings, "I gotta see your face some more."

john: I LOVE "VIP"! It should have been on the standard CD and not a bonus track.

Polt: Hey stupid! She'll be 18 later this year! And Katy's vid is disabled from embedding, but you just click the link and watch on YouTube! You really should... I think you'd love it since you love the golden coast!


Craig: Duh! We have good taste! Can't wait til we blast that song on repeat at the summer bash!

Chris D.: YAY! More Ke$ha love on my blog. I'm so glad. You don't love Snoop Dogg?? I don't either. But he's cool in my book if he works with Katy Perry and goes on ChatRoulette.

Jere/other Miley haters: Here we go! I think sluttiness is more defined by what you do than what you wear. First of all, her butt is not hanging out of her pants. And segundoly, her legs are the only exposed part of her cuerpo. If you see a girl on the beach wearing a bathing suit (or daisy dukes, bikini on top?) would you assume she's a slut? If she's doing some pop dance, would you think she's a slut? NO. But if she's dancing on a pole or grinding on some guy, you might! And Miley has done these things in the past and has looked slutty for it. But in this video, she just doesn't. She might make what Jere refers to as an "orgasm face," but she makes weird faces the whole time. She's a dramatic singer/performer. I'm not saying she never does anything slutty ever, but I really think this vid is not slutty at all.
And as for her changing her image in a tired way, she's not saying "Let me be like Britney/XTina/Mandy Moore" or whoever. She's 17! It happens to every pop star because they start young, then become sexualized, then want to show it and break away from the image people have of them as being a child. It doesn't happen to everyone because they want to copy everyone else; it happens because it's natural. People (see: Polt) seriously think she's still 14 and singing Hannah Montana songs all the time. The truth is, if she wants to get rid of this misconception, she needs to change her image, and she obviously feels like "Can't Be Tamed" is a way to do that in a drastic enough way that people realize she's almost 18.

Jere Keys said...

I'm not a Miley hater. I like the song. I hate the video.

This sums up my opinion pretty well (except the terrible music crack) - infoMania: Miley Cyrus, Please Stop: