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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 of 12 - May 2010

Before I start my 12 of 12, I must thank dpaste for reminding me with a text this morning!

So I woke up around 7:45am to get ready for work. When I opened my eyes, I saw my friend Megan, posing seductively for the camera.


Since Megan lives 15 mins away from my job and since I don't often see her too much during the summer, I'm staying with Megan this week!

I left for work at 8:15, then spent HOURS AND HOURS waiting at this light!


(Sorry car; I was gonna blur the plate but it's late and I have to go to bed. Maybe I'll fix it later.)

Here is my workspace.


Don't you love my photos (two of them feat. me!) and the random model tacked to the wall??

Megan and her sister Katie joined me for lunch. We went to some pizza joint.


And let me tell y'all how this place had NO TABLES. We had to sit in chairs with our food on our laps.

Work was very tiring. I got home and my shoulders and eyes hurt and I was super tired. I went to relax in "the red room" and was joined by Megan's dog, Skip.


Then Megan's familia tried to force Megan into an arranged marriage (I'm not joking). So they put out some food for the guy to enjoy before he whisked away their daughter.


They added crackers and cheese, a veggie platter, and pastries later.

While I waited for the guy to arrive, I took my Daily Mugshot (feat. Katie's mannequin heads in the background).


When the guy finally came over, we lured him into playing Scattergories and Things.


Just so you know, I won Scattergories with a score of 52. Second place score was 39.

After watching the passionate game playing (I get competitive at times...), Skip fell asleep.


Proving I could win more games, I went to the garage and threw some darts. Didn't I do a good job?? (I swear this is real! And it was my first attempt!)


Oh, here I am finishing Official Book Club Selection, the stellar debut book from Kathy Griffin. Hilarious!


Then I got ready to post so I could go to bed, but realized I only had 11 photos... So...


YAY! Friendship!


Chris D, said...

It seems like you had a nice day. I like your desk, it looks very tidy. My desk could use a bit of tidying. I hope things work out for Megan in that either she will come to love her arranged husband, or avoid the coerced union all together.

Tam said...

My desk looks like a tree puked reams of paper all over it. Nice pics and what a cute doggie. Hope your friend manages to escape the bondage of her arranged marriage. Or that at least the guy is filthy rich.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

No photo of the suitor? Darn.

I like your 12 of 12.

Anonymous said...

i like the pic of Anthony on your desk, but i really should give you a more current one. Yay I love arranged marriages i was watching a show on NatGeo about them. Can I come to the wedding?


that's J-O-S-H said...

I LOVE Kathleen Griffin's book! I've never played that "Things" game. DO YOU OWN IT?! GAME NIGHT @ THE GAY BAR TOMORROW?!

ADAM! said...

why don't they have tables?!

Anonymous said...

Aww...I love that the picture on your desk includes your other less successful siblings!! lol

And my desk at work is a complete hot mess I clean it almost everyday and it is still messy!!


hoteltuesday said...

Chris D.: There's so little stuff on my desk that it can't get that messy! I need to get more desk stuff. Like a plant, or a Britney Spears statue.

Tam: The arranged suitor has a girlfriend.... o_O So hopefully he'll stay with her.

Garret: I thought that would be creepy! And he wasn't worth taking a photo of... lol. Thanks!

Gabi: Then give me a new photo!! And yes, you can come as my date!

Josh: We have to play Things together! We'd have SUCH good answers!!

Adam: Too poor I think.

TJ: I hate the way I look in that pic, but I wanted a picture of all four of us.

Polt said...

The photos of Skip are aDORable! Course, so are the ones of you too. :)

Looks liek a fun day, punkin!


Michelle M. said...

I've never heard of the Things game. Is it fun?

I liked Kathy's book, too. Can't wait for the new season of the D list.

You did a great job. Maybe you're the world's greatest dart thrower and you don't even know it...

At first I thought you were sporting some kinda of Bjork do - until I saw that they were mannequin heads.

David said...

Eesh, my job keeps me so busy I haven't seen this until now! Yay, fun! But I admit I was hoping for a photo of Solomon.

Justin said...

I ****LOVE*** that Skip has devil-dog-eye in the "asleep" pic (if you look closely). (It's when the inner eyelid is visible and the outer eyelid is not fully closed and makes the dog look like it has red eyes).

Tam & Chris D: I don't currently have a permanent cube/desk at work cuz I work at home mostly, but it was definitely the "tree-puked-on" type when I had one; and as for my home office, it's a miracle if you can even SEE my desk or frankly even tell that there is a desk IN the room, let alone find a place to sit anywhere near it. I know I have a computer in there somewhere: but if I need to log on to it, I just use Remote Desktop Connection from my laptop. I haven't actually physically touched that computer or its mouse or keyboard in I can't remember how long.

Enrico -- where do you keep all the rest of your daily mugshots?!?!