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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boys In The Trees

So as you know from my last entry, I recently got a cat with my roommates Ross and Christie. We picked it up from the Trenton Animal Shelter, where they told us we would have to get her spayed and then continued to address our new kitty as female. So we brought home our new princess...

Or so we thought....

The day after we brought the cat home, my good redheaded friend Jenna came over and immediately said, "Oh, it's a boy?" As a future cat lady, Jenna knows lots about cats so we started researching.

Seriously, can you even tell the difference? Contrary to popular belief, male cats who are 7 weeks old do not have 'hanging things' or 'fuzzy dice' or any of that. Before their testes descend, it's hard to tell a male from a female.

But we got a few expert opinions and we have determined the sex of our kitten.

So no more Esther Greenwood! I really love that name and will have to find a female pet so I can still use it.

On the bright side, we all agreed very quickly on a name for a male cat. I just finished reading the fantastic novel Song of Solomon

And we all like that name for our cat. So, now you can officially welcome Solomon into our family!


Ryan said...

Yes, the boy is on the right.

john said...

Well, they do look different, but I'm not sure which one is which having never had a cat.

I like Solomon. Great name.

Craig said...

The same thing happened to my parents when they had me!

Chris D. said...

Congratulations on your newly acquired gender identification skills. ;)

He is a very cute kitten, and that is a nice name. Have you worked out a summer custody plan yet? Are you staying at the house, or coming back to the shore for the summer?

Garret of Jim and Garret said...


Tam said...

Solomon, I like that. Welcome to our world. The surgery will be far less invasive for a boy. Snip snip, a couple of stitches and all done.

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: Wrong! And besides, those kittens look older than Solomon.

john: Thanks! I liked Bustopher Jones better but Solomon is more universally liked... lol

Craig: LOL!!

Chris: I'm not coming back to the shore for the summer because I work in Cranbury all summer long. We got the cat for our new apartment we're moving into on June 1st.

Garret: Gracias

Tam: Less invasive also means less expensive! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! The same thing happened to my friend Rosalind, however, she didn't find out intill her cat was like a year old and she took him/her to get fixed. haha!! All this time she was calling her girl cat cartmon!! :o)


Michelle M. said...

Love the name. And the boy/girl photos. Malaria mentioned something about a giant kitten, but I thought it was just a drug-induced hallucination.

that's J-O-S-H said... I guess your new kitty doesn't ever ponder if the bell jar [feat. its stifling distortions] will descend again? Too bad.

Although I did tell Baberz about the gender update of Solomon, and he seemed a little too eager to meet up. He meowed "no homo," but I think, deep down, Baberz might have a crush [feat. Mandy Moore].

Milo said...

Very cute!

Polt said...

Well congrats on Soloman's name and new found gender!

I don't really think it matters if WE can tell which sex they are, just so long as the cats can tell.

And Craiggers, that's hilarious! :)


David said...

Wow, way late getting to this post, but I think the name is great, and you can call him Sol or Solly for short, you know, when you're just hangin' all casual-like.