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Monday, April 12, 2010

12 of 12 - April 2010

Hello world! I'm alive! My St. Louis post will be up in the next couple of days. But today is the 12th, so first, here's my 12 of 12!

Once again, thanks to my dear friends Polt and David for reminding me!

My day started with Astronomy class. I know, ZzZzZzZzZz. Here is Professor Wickramsinghe writing on the board.

And since today is Monday, I had to do a lab after class.

After that snoozefest, I came home to find my housemate Yapenschteinen cooking me some lunch.

I headed back to school for my next class of the day, Writer's Workshop. Before heading to class, I had to read the stories and leave some comments so I sat in Bliss Lounge and scribbled some notes on the student stories, like "Try harder next time" and "This sucks more than J-Lo's Brave" and stuff.

I have this class in my favorite room in Bliss Hall cause I get to sit at a round table so I can better gaze into the eyes of the poor soul whose writing I am harshly criticizing. Here's where I sit.

And that chick in the chair next to mine is one of my favorite peepz and one of the best writers in my class, Colleen.

After that class, I came home and had a nosebleed. Blood dripped on my hoodie so I had to soak it in cold water to get the blood out.

My nose has bled like five times in the past three days! Annoying.
So then I FINALLY filed my taxes.

Since it was nice, I went outside and enjoyed three of my favorite things: cheese, iced tea, and Toni Morrison.

I read for a while, did some other junk, then got very excited at 7pm for Jeopardy! I've been following the three-day winner Morgan and he's pretty good. He won again today, guessing the correct answer to final Jeopardy.

The answer was "Quidditch" and I swear, I actually knew the right answer this time!

After that, I tried to cook these cookies that have been in the fridge since the day Joan Rivers was born but they came out like this:

So I guess they were too old to bake properly....

Then I ended the day with Christie as we watched one of my favorite shows, United States of Tara.

I had a pretty average day. WHAT ABOUT YOU?!


adam said...

OMG I missed another 12 of 12! I've missed every once since the beginning of time. *tears*

Are you diseased? Why the nosebleeds? Those cookies didn't look too bad, but I only eat vegan cookies so my standards are lower.

Chris D. said...

That table does not look so round. Is it configured in a circle of rectangular tables perhaps?

I am sorry to hear about your continued nose bleeds. Perhaps you could look into nasal cauterization ( ).

I completed my taxes this weekend. I've never done them on paper. I also purchased my first Mac!!!! I got a Mac Mini on EBay. I have been wanting to write programs for the iPhone for a while. So I finally took the plunge. I am eager for it to arrive. I am excited to rip into Objective C!

I am looking forward to hearing about your journey in your next post.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Glad you're back.

Excessive nose bleeds? Cocaine habit?

Tam said...

Yum cheese.

My day was pretty boring. I was in a very fancy room at a very fancy hotel with a bunch of people talking about North American energy policy and the way forward with the North American Free Trade Agreement. Ho hum. Free messenger bag and coffee mug. Woohoo. And free lunch of course.

Polt said...

Chris D,: I totally thought you wrote Nasal Castration, and was all like 'Whaaaa?" :)

Interesting day, Punkin. I did laugh at your casual mention of the nosebleed, just like it was just another thing, blah, blah, blah. :) Hope it gets cleared up soon.

And how was MY day? My 12 is up at The Palace.


john said...

IT'S ALIVE! Good to have you back.

I get nosebleeds all the time during the spring. It all has to do with allergies for me. Every time I blow my nose, it bleeds like someone turned on the faucet. You get used to it.

Ryan said...

Is that Mathematica?

hoteltuesday said...

Adam: You gotta ask Polt and David to remind you.

Chris D.: Getting a Mac was a great choice!

Garret: Umm...... no, it's uh... allergies?

Tam: Boring!? How can you call a day that feats. a free lunch boring?! I love free things.

Polt: It is just another thing. Happens all the time. And I'll check the palace after Glee or something. lol.

john: Yeah, I'm used to it. I barely react these days. Had another one this morning at work!

Ryan: UGH YES. I hate it.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I wish I could of eaten cheese/watched "Tara"/harshly criticized peepz with you! That is totez mah favo room in Bliss too!

Ryan said...

After using it a lot over the past few weeks, I think Mathematica is one of the most amazing and most frustrating computer programs ever. It's amazing because it can do a huge number of complex and advanced math. It's frustrating because ease of use appears to be of no concern. What is trivial in Matlab is often a chore in Mathematica.

David said...

Yay! Good jerb with the photos. Ah, those innocent days of college. How I miss them.

Michelle M. said...

Why was I not told you were posting again!!

I don't remember how my day was because it was so long ago. But because it was a Monday, it probably sucked.

Taxes, math, nosebleeds and cheese. I'm not sure which one is worse (just kidding - it's math).