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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloody Laundry

Growing up, I read some books over and over. I don't even know how many times I read Hop on Pop or Me First or some of my favorite Goosebumps thrillers.

Another book I read repeatedly was called Scary Stories for Stormy Nights. As the title indicates, it's a collection of scary stories that I would read not only on stormy nights, but any time of day in any weather. While I enjoyed many of the stories, one was always the scariest for me... and that was "Bloody Laundry."

So the other day, I was bored and decided to make a movie. And when going through my books randomly, I happened to stumble upon Scary Stories for Stormy Nights. So I present to you my movie version of "Bloody Laundry"! I directed it and begrudgingly played a minor role (I hate acting!). Watch it 10 times (to increase the view count) and let me know what you think!


Ray Avito said...

Totally thought, "Oh no, she's going to walk home by herself? NOOO!" The mixup was totally unexpected. I liked this move much.

Talita said...
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Talita said...

I need Cough Syrup!! lol The Best!!

Michelle M. said...

The cough syrup line is classic. Great job on the music. You were clearly the star. Hope you make more of these.