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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ghosts in the Attic: Books Report

Can you believe it folks? The semester is almost over!! Well, most of my readers don't look at life in terms of semesters or school years, but the semester being over is a big deal for me. And considering that this will be my last year of school after being in school for as long as I can remember, this is a really big deal!!!

But I still have one semester left. Next semester, I hope to learn about Latin American writers, Shakespeare, US history in the 20th century, and poetry. Since I'm enrolled in all of those courses already, I'll probably accomplish these dreams. BUT, a more important questions begs to be asked...

When I was in 1st grade, what did I want to learn in 2nd grade? FIND OUT NOW. [click to enlarge]

In second grade
I wan't to
learn about
how to do division
and how to
do times.

I have two major problems with this journal entry.
2. Why did my teacher cross out my perfectly fine how TWICE (ok, I could have made the line longer) but she didn't correct the apostrophe in wan't or the phrase "how to do times"?? Mrs. Gural, what were you thinking??

I wan't to
learn about
science and
about books
report and
space and

Alright, this is more like it! Books report!!!

But again, Mrs. G crossed off the "s" in books but didn't add an "s" on report! Did this teach me anything?

Well somewhere along the way I learned how to correctly write "book reports" so it's OK. But isn't it funny that I wanted to learn about all that stuff that I don't care about at all anymore, like division, times, science, space, and earth? It make me wonder...

What was something you wanted to learn about that you don't care about anymore?


adam said...

Why did she originally think your second "how" was "wow"?? Your teacher was dumb.

Not too long ago I decided that I wanted to be a Realtor, so I took a class, took a test, and now I have my real estate license. Then I realized that selling houses made my soul want to die. So I don't really care about that anymore. (BTW, I'm still licensed if anyone wants to buy a house!!)

Dave2 said...

Pottery. I was fascinated by it when I was younger and have no idea why.

Jere Keys said...

I once wanted to learn how to play ice hockey, then I got over it. Same thing with making cross-stitch wall decorations featuring uplifting sayings.

Mel said...

Buy a house in NJ? Yuck.

My creative interests wax and wane, but I don't think any of them ever really die, since they all originate from the same impulse. I learned how to do times when I was 5, and I still enjoy it. I wish I knew more theoretical mathematics, though.

Delisa said...

lol I can find out how much that teacher makes a year if she's still teaching. Just let me know...

I was really into dancing but I was too shy to actually try out for the dance team or join ballet. I'd practice in my living room alone and pretend I was a dancer (Center Stage style). Now I just dance like a stripper at clubs and bars! Yay!

Michelle M. said...

Awww, so cute. I'm guessing you probably wanted to learn about math/science, etc. until you actually had to do it. Math is horrible.

I wanted to learn photography. I took a class but couldn't get past winding the film on a spool in the dark.

I think your teacher graded papers while drinking a glass (or a bottle) of wine.

GRE Test said...

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Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I agree with the dumb teacher scenario.

Tam said...

Hmmm. I still like to learn about the earth and science and books, not so much math. But I'm not sure I ever did. Although I remember distinctly in Grade 5 we had these records (yes, I'm that old) that had the times tables in a little rhyming ditty with music that were supposed to help you memorize them. Those were always fun.

Oh I wanted to be a travel agent, still think it sounds fun in theory but booking package tours not so much. Took a couple of classes, plus the pay sucks.

hoteltuesday said...

Adam: Lol. I plan on buying a house eventually, but probably not in NJ. Can you sell me a house in some other state for like $5??? Is that how realty works??

Dave2: I've never done it, but I think it's cool because if you're good at it, you can make your own kitchen set if you can't find the perfect one in stores!

Jere: Ice hockey involves too much movement!!

Mel: When I was taking the GRE, I had to keep doing times on my hands and probably wasted a lot of time. 8x6?? 7x4?? If there's not a 5, 9, 1, 2, or 0, I have no idea!

Delisa: Besides from being a little on the short side, I can totally see you as a dancer! After college, you should go to dance school.

Michelle: I had to work with film in the dark when I worked at Rite Aid! Annoying. Maybe you should try again now that everything is digital.


Garret: I know she was mean, but don't remember her being dumb. Then again, I've always idolized teachers (or did, until I got to high school and realized how dumb some of them are).

Tam: I didn't know they had classes for travel agents! You can still do it, then book me a fancy vacation for $3.99?!?!

john said...

I sort of understand her not understanding your How as the h is the same size as the a and o in and and to. But, I can see the difference between the n in and, and the h in how. I also know that want doesn't have an apostrophe.

I registered for a creative writing class once. I took one class and realized I didn't have that kind of creativity.

Chris D. said...

It seems that your teacher was a bit inconsistent in her corrections. I would have just extended the back of the "h" for you. Certainly you didn't think "now" = "how". You just had a short "h".

There is not much that I really wanted to learn about that I don't care about anymore. Certainly some priorities have shifted, but I still have at least some interest in most things I previously wanted to learn more about.

I'm not sure if it counts; I once wanted to learn more about karate, but only because a guy I was in love with did it. I wanted to be closer to him. However the idea of having to touch strangers prevented me to ever taking a karate class.

BTW: Since I'm now in the proof reading mindset, "It make me wonder..." = "It make[s] me wonder...".

Adam said...

I can help you buy a house anywhere on Earth. Just lemme know. We might be able to find you something for $5.

Craig said...

Yay! So glad to see these posts again! They're my favorite! They're my Puntabulous Does the Movies of Hotel Tuesday!

that's J-O-S-H said...

Maybe she put a line through the "S" to make it look like "$". Could she forsee your love of Ke$ha this early on?!??!