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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Chatroulette = Fun

Have you all been on Chatroulette yet? It's basically the most fascinating site ever and it's currently getting a lot of attention.

If you've been living under a rock or are over the hill and don't pay attention to hip modern things, the site is a way to video chat with strangers all over the world! You turn on your webcam, hit go, and are hooked up to someone around the world who is also signed into the site.

Christie and I have been on Chatroulette for the past few weeks and we've seen so many interesting things and met some cool people.

We've met people from foreign countries like Brazil, France, Australia, Venezuela, England, Turkey, Indiana and many from the UK.

Our first day on we met this dude and his girlfriend.

They were swingers (or so they said). Do you love my disguise??

We also met this dude, who said he was trying to get into a frat and needed to see Christie's boobs in order to pledge.

Yeah, sure.

We met this dude, who started the convo by playing us a song.

He played Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" on a trumpet! We were so impressed. Then he asked for boobs.

These guys didn't want boobs. Just a kiss.

We met this kid who was totally not lying when he said he was 18.

And we even met this one girl who I kept calling Miley Cyrus, asking her about her album, her boyfriend, and her latest movies.

So anyway, I start a lot of my convos with "Are you famous?" because obviously I want to meet someone famous and Chatroulette seems like an easy way to do that! If they aren't famous, I pretend they are (see above example). So last night, we talked to the coolest person we ever met on CR...

While I was on with Ross and Christie and we bumped into Snoop Dogg. Some jealous people (i.e. Cindy!) pretend that this was a wannabe Snoop, but I know it was him! Lots of celebrities use Chatroulette so there's no reason why Snoop wouldn't use it! And it wasn't just a picture or a Snoop music video. He moved around, smoked marijuana (!), and even blew smoke into the camera.

After chatting for prox. a minute, the camera froze (Chatroulette often has server problems since it just exploded in popularity) and we were disconnected. But our memories (and screenshots) will last forever!

So have you been on yet? If not, do it! I swear, it's fun.


that's J-O-S-H said...

D00d we totez need to go on together sometime and meet P!nk/Kelly/Michelle Branch/the REAL Maeby! I for serial think M. Branch would be on cuz by the looks of her Twitter, she is always bored and not doing anything fun!

Tam said...

Um, no. That's too frightening. Too many boob requests. I already know enough weird people from around the world. I've nearly reached my quota so I'd hate to go over and have to drop you off the list. ;-)

Jere Keys said...

I spent about 5 minutes getting bumped in 10 seconds or less by everyone I connected with. My ego can't withstand that much rejection.

Polt said...

I'd leave a comment about Chatroulette but since I don't pay attention to hip modern things, these comment boxes are just too new fangled for me. Now get off my lawn you kids *shaking fist*


Adam said...

i <3 the pink wig and glasses. You need to protect your identity when you're chatting with the commoners!

Anonymous said...

Me and Gabi went on it was not that great but when I walked out the room Gabi swears she saw the Jonas Brothers!


Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I'm too old. I can't even understand Josh.

Anonymous said...

me and T.J. tryed it and i spoke to the jonas brothers. But it was mostly guys playing with themselves asking for boobs


Michelle M. said...

Garret made me laugh.

The Daily Show had a funny segment on Chatroulette.

David said...

As soon as you buy me a webcam I'll get right on this.

Chris D. said...

It sounds like you had a good experience. I haven't tried CR yet. If I did, my experience might be much like Jere's since I don't have any one with boobs to join me.

OMG! Snoop was so lucky to chat with Enrico and friends!

The CR concept reminds me of chat oriented BBSs from long ago. I never got deeply into chat boards, but some of my friends did.

I think I prefer deep conversations with friends to smalltalk with strangers. Perhaps I am over the hill. ;)

Jacob said...

I've done this twice.

In total - I've gotten 4 guys jerking off, 3 stuffed animals, 1028293832 asians, and 2 normal looking guys.

To some it's a dream come true, but to me, I uh.. I"m just too scared to go back again.

Anonymous said...

Chris D. I have boobs I'll do it with you!! But we have to have a good story like I am a mail order bride or something!! haha!!


Justin said...

Yeah, Jacob, pretty much everybody I've spoken to says that Chatroulette is kinda *ALL* about "guys jerking off". I'm surprised you had such a low %.

Funny how Enrico didn't mention that in his post.... And how *enthusiastic* Josh is about Chatroulette, despite the severe danger of having his eyes burnt out by the sight of so much p33n.

Jere -- seriously. It's gotta be only the straight guys that would bump you. You've got such a cute punim. 'specially when you got the beard thing goin' on.

Delisa said...

Someone on Tumblr also posted a screen shot of them talking to the Joe Bros. I guess they're online a lot.

Your next post should be about all the different kinds of p33n we saw that one night!

Justin said...

Ha! Yes, Delisa, yes it should!

On that note, this was particularly hilarious:

hoteltuesday said...

Josh: I wish I met Paris instead of Snoop Dogg! I would sing "Heartbeat" and she'd be impressed!

Tam: I guess there are a lot of boob requests... Better keep your daughter off it too! :)

Jere: HAHA! I only get skipped by frat men looking for boobs.

Polt: I think you'd love it..... LOL

Adam: Exactly! We have a few wigs so I can change it up...

Sistaz: You have to go on with me when I come home.

Garret: Maybe you and Polt can make a new website about the best stuff from the 40s or whatever.

Michelle: SNL should do a skit on CR! But then if it were on SNL, it wouldn't be funny...

David: When I FINALLY visit you next time, we'll go on together! All the girls will ask up to make out though. Better warn Josh.

Chris D.: I PREFER deep dishcussionz, but CR is fun too!

Jacob: Azns?! I barely got any. I got mostly Latinos.

Justin: What's a punim?

Delisa: There are mad Jo-Bros scams (unlike Snoop). And I'll post that on my other, NSFW blog!

john said...

Haven't tried this yet, but my instinct tells me I'm with Tam and Jere on this one.

Enrico: "Punim" is Yiddish for face. Google is sarcasm for look it up yourself. (tee hee)

hoteltuesday said...

john: LOL! You get an A+ for that comment.

john said...

YAY! I thought you were going to yell at me and call me old.