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Friday, March 12, 2010

12 of 12 - March 2010

Thanks to the wonderful dpaste, I remembered to do a 12 of 12 for today!

So my day started with a push pin and a very close call.

I woke up around 9am when I felt this push pin pressing into my flesh! It was digging into my skin, kind of where Barbie's leg pops into her torso... Yeah, if it was a few centimeters over, I might be unable to have kids or something!!!!!

So hopefully there are no more surprise push pins in my covers.

After I survived that, I drove to Claudia's. It was raining.

We hung out all day!! I tried Arizona Cranberry Tea for the first time.

I played "The Chain" by Ingrid Michaelson on piano.

Then we looked at our middle school yearbooks (hilarious!)

While she did random things in my room, I unpacked my books from my first few years at college that were still in boxes. I have NO ROOM on my bookshelf.

Eventually, my sister Gabi picked us up and we went to Olive Garden.

Gabi wanted to see some Robert Pattinson movie because the Eclipse trailer was premiering during the previews. So we went to the movies. I completely forgot about R-Patz as soon as I saw this glorious poster of a movie I will be seeing later this month!

The R-Patz movie was decent. I'm upset that I saw the ending coming since it was supposed to be surprising. Boo.

So then I came home and wanted to get in the shower. But my brother was in there.

Instead of taking a pic of my brother in the shower, I got a shot of his glasses waiting to return to his clean head.

So then I took my 304th Daily Mugshot.

And I realized I only had 10 pics and needed two more.....



I got a ticket last night to see my favorite singer in concert! OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!



rlp340 said...

Ah cute mug shot =)

David said...

I am gonna get your azz into Nueva Nueva and you me and Josh are going to go to a REAL Italian restaurant. Enough of this Olive Garden shizz.

Yay, 12 of 12!

Tam said...

But Olive Garden has great salad David. :-) But yeah, real Italian is better.

Looks like an okay day except for that nasty push pin incident. Ouch.

Polt said...

Dave S., FDot and I ate at a wonderful little Italian place a few blocks north and few blocks west of Times Square when we were there. Yeah, I know, with those directions you'll have NO problems finding the exact restaurnat I'm talking about, right? :)

And yes, I'm gonna say it: Next time don't pass on the shower photo...either your brother or you in it, whichever. I ain't picky. :)

Looks like a fun day, punkin!


Delisa said...

mmmm Olive Garden! Can we go to Panera tomorrow?

How was the cranberry iced tea? Random fact: Consumer's Digest actually ranked Arizona iced tea above Snapple a few years ago.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Yo, Garden haters. Olive Garden rocks. That's it.

Tam said...

Delisa: Snapple sucks so that was really a no-brainer.

I swear Arizona cans are getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon it will be like a keg and you need a wagon to drag it around behind you.

Justin said...

Sorry Garret and Tam and Enrico, I'm with David on the Olive Garden. MadTV did a great spoof on their commercials: (the sound on this youtube vid is horrible but the spoof is still funny).

Polt. I admit I had the same thought as you did about the shower pix. But I'm **very** glad (and incredibly unsurprised) that you were the one to express the sentiment in writing. :-)

Just so you know, 'rico, shower pix don't *have* to include n00dz. ;-)

As for the iced tea, I'm a purist. Fresh brewed, unsweetened, black only. No mango flavor, no tea-from-a-bottle or tea-from-a-can or tea-from-a-pushbutton-fountain-at-a-bar, or tea from some sort of powder that you mix with water. Gotta be brewed and gotta be unsweetened.

Glad you missed serious maiming from the pushpin.

BEE TEE DOUBLE-YOU -- where does this "12 of 12" thing come from?

adam said...

Ugh! I missed another 12 of 12! I wish someone would remind me too :(

I've always wondered how pushpins always seem to end up in my bed -- it seems you have the same problem! Maybe it's some sort of vengeful tooth fairy tack monster?

Perez ruined the end of that R-Patz movie weeks ago on his site ... not that I really wanted to see it anyway.

Olive Garden sucks for vegetarians and vegans because they refuse to even guarantee that something is vegetarian. Not that you care...

Ross Heutmaker said...

I liked these pics

hoteltuesday said...

rlp340: Thanks! I ran out of photo ideas... lol.

David: Please do! You need to drag me to (hell) Nueva and get me some Italian dinner followed by COOKIES for dessert!!

Tam: I usually love the salad but this time it was SOAKED in dressing.

Polt: I knew you'd say that.

Delisa: Tomorrow?! I'll still be home. Gotta go visit my pops. And I liked the tea! I love Arizona and Snapple, but I gotta go with Snapple cause they have pomegranate raspberry! MMM.

Garret: I get the ravioli with meat sauce every time!

Tam: You only say that cause you're in Canada.

Justin: That spoof was terrible. It would have been WAY funnier if they used ACTUAL Olive Garden recipes...

Adam: HA!

Ross: Yeah... taken by my phone... yeah right!

Michelle M. said...

It's like The Princess and the Pea. Only it's The Prince and the Pushpin. I knew you were royalty!

Eternal Lizdom said...

The push pin incident sounds terrifying! I'm so glad you survived unscathed!

Fun to see your day in action!

Chris D. said...

You look very wistfully handsome in the photos.

I am glad that your reproductive system survived your close encounter with a pushpin.

Polt and Justin: Enrico already posted his "n00dz" on twitter ages ago. He looked like a Calvin Klein model. :)