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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ghosts in the Attic: Happy Birthday Mom?

Happy Birthday Mother!!!

My mom's birthday was this past Monday. I went down to the shore over the weekend to celebrate. We had lunch, I saw my siblings, I watched Bridezillas with TJ (amazing!), I saw my friend Shanique in a play, I almost got robbed in the hood, I went to the beach with Cvalda (E>), and I got scratched up by a big dog. So it was a pretty successful weekend!

Anyway, while I was celebrating my mother's big day, I remembered that I once wrote a journal entry about my mom's birthday! Here it is.

Mr. Nicky And
the lovely
My Mother's birthday
is in June. It is
June 14, 1996. I'm
gonna give her
my fruit basket.

I bouth a
card for her.
I'm gonna buy
her a ring With
my money. I can
buy her something
else. She likes

When she gets
alot of presents
from me
because she loves
me a lot.

A few comments:
- I had money in 1996 to buy a card, a ring and something else?! What did I do with it?!
- My mother likes getting presents from me because... she loves me. I'm going to use that line this Christmas with my family. I want more presents for me because I love you all!
- I'm gonna give her my fruit basket? LOL!
- My mother's birthday is June 13th, not 14th.


Tam said...

Awwww. How sweet. You also have her born 2 years after you wrote the journal entry. LOL

As a Mom I'd like a fruit basket.

Happy Birthday to your Mom.

Was TJ taking lessons on how to be a Bridezilla? Or was it a warning?

Chris D. said...

Welcome back to blogging! You have been missed.

I chuckled at, "my fruit basket", as well. That is almost like something out of the "Damn You Auto-correct" blog.

I'm glad to hear you had a nice visit, and that your injuries were all survivable.

How does one pronounce, "Cvalda"? Is the "C" silent?

john said...

I'm less curious about how you spent your money as I am at how you earned it.

Happy Birthday Enrico's Mom, if a little late.

Please don't let TJ become a bridezilla. She seems to nice to be one, but srsly, that kind of behavior just isn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Bridezillas was Hilarious!! I am so happy you enjoyed my future behavior!! :o)


hoteltuesday said...

Tam: That was a typo! Oops. Lol. And I think TJ was taking lessons. She's totally going to yell at her future bridesmaids: "You have to do what I tell you! You are my bridesMAIDS - M, A, I, D, S!!"

Chris: Nope! Here, let Bjork show you:

john: You don't know how I got my money? Don't you remind my role model Victoria? "If I can't afford it, I guess I'll have to steal it!"

TJ: Coming to your house is the only time I watch TV. Bridezillas wasn't quite as good as the commercial for Stolen Voices Buried Secrets though.

Justin said...

Awwww cute post and happy belated birthday to your mom! :)

Was John's post a rude innuendo? I'm scratching my head here ...

Michelle M. said...

How come no one tells me when they resume blogging?! Anyway, I've missed your posts. Especially super cute ones like this. Fruit basket! Too adorable. I love the kicker that you had the wrong day.