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Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 of 12: Something Stupid

Hello followers. Sorry I haven't updated recently. For some reason, I thought being back in school would give me more free time... But applying to grad school and studying for the GRE takes a lot of time! While I don't blog every day, I do add a few more words to my vocabulary!

Anyway, today is the 12th, so here are 12 pictures I took! This month's theme: The VMAs! Adam was forced to invited me and Josh over to watch the VMAs with him!

Here's Adam on his couch:

And Josh on Adam's couch:

And Spring!!!!

Adam was the best host ever and successfully followed the Joshrico rider, getting me pineapple coconut juice and providing us with the most delicious vegan snacks possible.....

Oh, and there's my homework (see, I'm busy!).

So this year's VMAs were like every year's VMAs: kind of boring, predictable, but featuring a few good performances.

Here are some pics I took for my blog readers.

I'm not a big Bieber fan, but I was impressed with his performance. He's pretty good!

Here's one of my favorite artists Florence + the Machine performing on the VMAs for the first time!

Florence is a goddess and did a great job. I got her CD last year and have listened to it at least 7 billion times since I got it. AMAZING.

My gUrL Taylor Swift performed a song she wrote about Kanye West and looked so pretty and sophisticated.

And I loved the song, which made me excited for her new album!

My blog reader John introduced me to Robyn this year, who sings one of my favorite songs of the year, "Dancing On My Own." Robyn sort of performed it at the VMAs. That is, she started to perform but then it went to commercial.

OMG! Here's the star of Burlesque, Christina Aguilera Cher!!!

Katy Perry and Ke$ha sat next to each other. Future collabo (not feat. off-key Rihanna).

Here's another famous trio!

Did you watch the VMAs?? THOUGHTS??


TheJJMG said...

Heh :) I love "most delicious vegan snacks possible.....". *chuckle*

I was IMing with Adam the other day and he mentioned you guys were coming over -- I was hoping you would make a blog post out of it! Sorry to say I didn't watch the VMAs so I can't comment, except I love Florence + the Machine too, and could Adam *possibly* affect a more "straight guy sitting position" if he tried? ;-)

Glad you guys had fun! :)pre

that's J-O-S-H said...

Justin: Straight guy sitting position?! Stop enforcing stereotypical masculine boundaries on people!

E. Copterz: FUN. Maybe Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Florence (feat. some no-name lady rapper no one cares about) will all win their first VMAs when they do a re-remake of "Lady Marmalade" for the "Burlesque" soundtrack aka something I have been daydreaming about!

adam said...

Good times, gentlemen.

Justin: Eff you.

Tam said...

OMG. You guys are the most adorable evah! Unfortunately I did not watch the VAMs. Not sure why. Just seemed to miss it. I did watch Myth Busters.

Spring is so cute.

Polt said...

I didn't even know they were on. But I'm glad you guys had a great time. Not at all such about the vegan snacks...just seems all things vegan. :)

And surprisingly, I feel a kinship with Spring now despite her being a Spawn Of Satan and all, since we tied for fifth in the BC&RL and we're both furry and cute. :)


john said...

That picture of the three of you is totally adorable!

I didn't watch the VMAs I don't get MTV.

Spring is a pretty kitty. Tooo bad she is plotting all of your doom.

Adam's apartment is nice.

adam said...

adorable?? I look so old and fat next to those 2 young studs...

Milo said...

I don't know what VMA is? Any context for those of us in the olde worlde? I'm guessing it's a musical awards.

I do enjoy Florence + The Machine and I LOVE Cher!

Tam said...

You do not Adam. You look slim and trim. And they look perky.

Michelle M. said...

I agree with Tam/john - adorable!

I watched. I thought it was kinda boring. There was no Britney/Madonna moment. I have to give it to the Bieber - he did a great job dancing. But his lip synching was awful.

I remember when I used to know all the songs on the VMAs. There were a few I didn't know this year. Getting old.

adam said...

I'm shocked that no one has commented on my fancy dishes!

Chris D, said...

Cute * 3, the three musketeers of pop culture! At first I thought Robyn was P!nk int hat photo. But I guess she is not.

Adam: I like how your orange bowl matches your Oreo(?) filling.

David said...