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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Summer Vacation

Hello all. June is almost over, it's almost time to start being brave again, and I figured you might all be wondering what I'm doing this summer. Clearly, I'm not blogging.... So anyway, since I'm a busy bee, I thought I'd let everyone know what I'm doing.

I spend most of time working. I'm technically supposed to work 8-4:45, but I usually don't leave work until around 6:30pm or later. One night, I was even there till 9:30! While you may think that leaves me lots of free time, I live about 1.5 hours from work, so I usually don't get home until around 8ish, and then go to bed around 10:30... So that only leaves a few hours between work and bedtime.

I work at a super famoso publishing company. My job title is Workshop Coordinator (or Workshop Manager if I want to sound fancy). I'm in charge of sending complimentary textbooks to Advanced Placement* summer workshops that happen all over the country. This summer, I'm sending to almost 2,000 workshops, which is a much greater number than last year. I was told the job would be super stressful when I got hired, and it can be tedious. But I'm a pretty relaxed person and I haven't felt too overwhelmed yet. I like the job a lot, love my co-workers, and have gotten a lot of compliments on my job performance, which makes me happy. So I spend A LOT of time at work, but at least I like it!

I guess reading is how I spent most of my spare time. Since I'm an English major who needs to read every book ever, summer is my ideal time to read. But since I work during the week, I try to make time for reading on the weekends. So far, I've sucked at reading and have only read Official Book Club Selection, by Kathy Griffin, Sula by Toni Morrison, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez, The Collector by John Fowles, and my I'm halfway through my current book, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

Luckily, I'm allowed to listen to music at work, so I haven't abandoned the music scene. This summer, I've discovered a new band I love and got new music from some of my long-time favorites.

Based on the suggestion of my friend Todd, I got the debut album from a band called The xx. According to allmusic, some of the album's moods include: Melancholy, Cathartic, Brooding, Wistful, Gloomy, Autumnal, Stylish, Elegant, Nocturnal, Sexy, Different, Reflective, and Bittersweet, so clearly, this is an album I love. If you like laid-back music, you should definitely check them out.

And of course, I got the new album from the MileyBird!!! Destiny Hope has unleashed her latest collection of pop songs on the world, and just like Waynes Burger, McDonald's, I'm lovin' it. My favorite tracks include "Robot," the sequel to Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girl," called "Two More Lonely People," and the rumored next single, "Liberty Walk."

And thanks to the United Confederacy of Bloggers CD Exchange Extravaganza, my buddy John sent me a song with which I am obsessed! It's a song from Swedish pop star Robyn called "Dancing on my Own" and it's amazing. Listen to it and dance please.

Speaking of dancing, I guess I kind of have somewhat of a social life... if you consider a social life hanging out con mi mejor amigo y dancing con tears in my eyes!!!

This summer, for the first time ever, I went to a bar to watch people drink and make fun of their dancing. Since I don't drink, I buy Josh buys me a pineapple juice so that I don't feel left out. I didn't dance the first time we went out, but now I do sometimes and it's fun. But they better play "Girl From The Gutter" next time I go and not just stupid GaGa songs!

How is your summer vacation?


Tam said...

Glad you are liking your job even if it's super busy. Better than being bored though.

Hope you enjoy the next two months and do some more dancing.

john said...

Hey, I got a shout out! I'm glad you like "Dancing On My own", I think it's great too. I also hope you like some of the other songs I sent.

Good that you are working, but don't work too hard, make sure you have some fun too.

GoKitty said...

The xx is rad!! I really like their video for "Islands". Check it out.

Milo said...

Ohh, don't work too hard! Loved that you are/were a student and not a tired worker drone (like me). The job sounds fairly interesting though?

Did you like Lolita? I became obsessed with it, you might recall... I remember reading Edith Wharton and John Fowles at uni, but that was many years ago now.

I don't really have a summer holiday planned. Well, going up north late August to see friends, but that's about it. Moving house this weekend which is my big change.

Don't go working too hard!

that's J-O-S-H said...

I LOVE Kathy Griffin, reading, working later than normal and Wayne's Burger!!!!!!!

Thanks for making this entry plump full of lil jokes for me to get!

I'm right here. I'm right here. I'm right hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Craig said...

Is summer over yet? It's soooooo hot and gross. Glad you're having fun though! If I hear Alejandro or Telephone one more time, I'm gonna scream! Why do her worst songs get the most play?

David said...

Hey! I bought you a pineapple juice, too! What am I, chopped (chicken) liver (TV dinner)?

Michelle M. said...

I swear my comments keep disappearing.

Anyway, you work too much. Hope they appreciate you.
I love Kathy Griffin, reading and pineapple juice. Dole used to sell it in glass bottles and it was sooo delicious. It just doesn't taste as good in the plastic bottles or metal cans.

I only have one week of summer vacation. Sometimes being a grown up sucks.

hoteltuesday said...

Tam: I've worked jobs where I've been mad bored the whole time. And yes, this is better!

john: I still haven't listened to the whole CD, but I did hear "Rocket" when I was in a club in NYC and was glad I could sing along!

GoKitty: YAY! A FELLOW FAN!! Exciting. I love "Islands." I adore the way the dude sounds for the line "That bridge is on fire." So suave. Have you heard the Shakira cover?

Milo: I LOVE Lolita. Definitely one of my favorite books ever. It's beautifully written, engaging, and best of all, complicated; who exactly is the victim? (I'm on team HH!)

Josh: Isn't that what all my entries are??

Craig: At the club last night, they played "Bad Romance," "Telephone," "Alejandro," "Monster," and even "Video Phone"! Ugh.

David: Of course not! But Josh got me jugo de pina a million times. Buy me more juice and maybe you'll get a shoutout! E>

Michelle: I do work too much! I actually went over my 40 hours last week. Oops!
And I love when you find it in glass bottles! But then it's like $40.... BOOO

Milo said...

Glad you liked Lolita as much as I did. It is written and imbued with a power I've rarely experienced.